new studio space

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve been around here, but I’m just having way too much fun to blog lately.  I’ve been immersed in my latest project, working at it for hours each day.  It’s such a blast.  I would love to unveil it right now, but I’m going to wait till I’m a little more ready.

But here’s an unveiling: I have a studio!  Ta-da.


It’s in a corner of our basement, so technically it’s not that glorious.  But still, to have a studio of one’s own–that’s pretty glorious.


For a table, I set up my old artist easel with the top laid flat and a drawing board on top.  There’s a drawer in it for sandpaper strips, glue, and various things.  Two extra stools we had lying around are “end tables,” accommodating a few extra things like sandpaper blocks and that Greek yogurt container of tung oil.


Soaking the wood in oil strengthens it and highlights the grain–see the soaked pieces on the left.  I soak them for about 24 hours after sanding them.


This is my sanding table.  I’ve already spent so many hours hunched over this thing, sanding my fingernails off (ouch!)  I found it at a garage sale for $25, and talked the lady down to $20.


The black rubber mat is my most expensive furnishing, brand spanking new and $25 at Home Depot.  And worth every penny, I might say.  The rubber is so much warmer and softer than cement, and I feel the difference in every cell of my body, I tell you.


This is the view from my studio corner.  In the daytime Cash accompanies me down here, and builds rock houses just outside the door for the chipmunks.  He also likes to unstack the wood, and take the kindling out of the tubs, which can be a little problem.  Sometimes David hangs out down here with us, just because he’s awesome.


At night, it’s all me–I put the kids to bed and sneak down to work all alone.  I could do it all night, but because there’s such a thing as getting Zia up and ready for for school at 6:30 in the morning, I refrain.  With the rising of the sun (or slightly before) there’s also the arising of my two-year old shadow, who is not usually a morning person and needs lots of coddling to face the day.  So working all night is not necessarily a good idea.  :)


Hope you enjoyed the studio tour.  Hang in there for a little while–breaking news on that secret project coming soon!


{this moment}

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Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.


the hunters return

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David and Caleb have been elk-and-small game-hunting all week.  No elk to be found, but Caleb came home with a snowshoe hare yesterday.


He saved the skin and the feet, and we had rabbit for dinner.


Mmm…mm?  One tiny piece was enough for me.


Caleb and Zia both dug in with gusto, and made that poor hare’s sacrifice worthwhile.

happy 42 years

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papa and mama fieldcpy

Happy 42nd anniversary to my Papa and Mama!  They got hitched way back in 1972, when the world was young and free (and a little blurry, golden and grainy).

It all started with just the two of you.  Somewhere along the way eleven kids came along, learned to walk and talk and feed themselves and tie their shoes, then went their own ways.  And suddenly, like a warp in time, it’s just the two of you again, all by yourselves.  This time in a crystal-clear, full color world full of cell phones, laptops, seat belts, GMOs, and Google Images.

With all our advanced technology, sometimes I still wish we lived back in that simple, golden world you came from.  (And if wishes were horses, Papa would have a full time job at my house in Colorado shoeing them.)

So anyway, happy anniversary!  I hope you two hippies have an awesome, happy day today.  And thank you, so very much, for having kids.  ;)

oh, boy

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The kids and I came upon this crazy sight yesterday.  Not sure how it happened…any ideas?  The poor folks from the car seemed shocked, and rightfully so, I’m sure.