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Our goats. Both kids were missing all night Saturday, and from Pippa’s strangely silent behavior to a tackled deer decoy in the driveway, we thought they had been nabbed by a mountain lion. It was a rough night, but needless to say, there was great rejoicing when they turned up just fine in the morning. We still don’t know how they got out, sneaky things–but as they say, if a fence won’t hold water, it won’t hold goats.




Being home with my artist boy…and his rocks. He put some in the sink to give them a bathy, and I heard him crooning softly, “Oh…look how cute you are.”




See his little green caterpillar? I found it in my hair early one morning after a hike, and saved it till he woke up. It stayed in his plant all day under his watchful eye and later disappeared. :(




David brought me these sunglasses from the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival, which made me smile. I like a little irony in my life. ;)



A week or so ago, I took the kids  to the Gilpin County fair. It’s a very small-town deal (the county has a population of only 5,000) but it’s fun. We hung out for the bull riding, petting zoo, and pony rides.


And a few more things:

Slowly but surely we’re moving toward remodeling part of our kitchen–the counters, sink, and switching out the dishwasher (which we have never used) for an under-counter cabinet with a pan rack. I am especially excited about that big copper sink that was delivered a few weeks ago.

Going strong with the 30-day arm challenge–I can see the tiniest bit of definition emerging, which is very exciting, indeed. I’m surprised I can see a difference–Day 20 and it’s still ridiculously easy. (Don’t believe how my arms look in the above pics with sunglasses–pictures lie. They ARE getting big.)

We’re finishing up another great book by Pam Munoz Ryan–it’s the sixth one of hers we’ve read this summer, and we’ve loved them all. Even Cash begs to be read this fat chapter book, and quotes it now and then (putting his own spin on it): “Remember, Mama–you and me, we stick together.”

My artist’s residency is coming to an end–the jewelry classes have been so much fun to teach, and everyone has made some great pieces, mixed with lots of enthusiasm. I feel the love. :)

becoming who you were made to be

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Sunday I heard a man speak about personality vs. persona.  Your personality, he said, is how you are defined (by yourself and others) based on the way you have been.  Your persona, though, is defined by God–it is the way He sees you, and it’s who you were born to be.  They are two very different things.

This man was saying that we should not continue to live in the rut of how we are defined by ourselves and others, but to change our mindset to see ourselves as God sees us in His kindness and patience, and to begin to make changes in our lives to become that person who we truly are.

Maybe you’re a mother who is trying to balance several things in your life; maybe you know you were made to be a dancer but you’re afraid to try; maybe you have an anger or self-control problem that makes you hate who you are.  You can begin to believe in who you were made to be, who God says you are, and move forward in His strength.  When you believe, He will make impossible things happen for you.

Creating a persona statement is like a statement of faith, writing down who you are as the Father sees you.  It makes it tangible, helps you change your mindset to say “This is me, this is who I really am.  I am moving forward into it.  Maybe it is not fact yet, but it is the truth about me.”  Instead of, “I could never change,” which means, of course, you probably won’t.  You can read your statement of faith each day, bringing it to Him for help in becoming who He already sees you to be.

Here is the persona statement I crafted for myself.  It is made up of a few things I have heard over the course of my life from listening to my heart and to Him.

I am an artist whose light source is the Great Creator.

I am a mother to many forgotten children,

A healer of the broken,

An intercessor,

A strong and wise woman,

One who dwells in the secret place.

I am one who does small things with great love.

a few things around here

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Here’s a quick peek into our lives lately.  Glorious happenings in these parts include: Back to School night, a Montessori BBQ, parent-teacher conferences, buying school supplies, and the first days of school.  Just a little bit of that has to do with school.



With the big kids in school now, it’s just Cash and me together while David works.  He’s so very funny and keeps me laughing all the time.  Here is a spattering of recent Cash-isms:

“I’m three, AND I had my birthday, and you and Dadda STILL won’t let me drive!  And I seriously AM tall enough.”  (He says this, groaning in consternation, every time we get in the car.)

“Mama, you’re going 50 miles per hour, right?”

“Mama, I talked to Grammy on the phone, and she taught me everything she knows.” 

(Me:) “What things did she teach you about?”




I’ve made a few more pieces for my my shop–including two new cord burning boxes, which–in my opinion–are the prettiest boxes David and I have made yet.  They are natural cedar, have hand-hewn edges, and are rubbed in tung oil. I liked the pine boxes, but I love the cedar ones.  Plus, they smell so yummy.




David has been working on his ’66 Mustang ever since liberating it from Grandpa’s garage in June, and we all took our first ride together Saturday afternoon.  The library was hosting an ice cream social to mark the end of the summer reading program, which Zia and Cash participated in.

There were several drawings, and Cash was one of the lucky winners.  When they called his name he swaggered to the front of the room, grinning from ear to ear, and without a moment’s hesitation, picked out a huge pink teddy bear.  He named the bear Bubble Gum Style. Haha.


Cash decided he wants his own bed now, and made it halfway through his first night “alone” last night.  Sometime before 1 a.m. I woke to find him back in bed with us, fast asleep.


Here’s a flyer I spotted at the library.  We didn’t enter, though–after looking around the room at the ice cream social, we decided we didn’t stand a chance.  “We” as in David, of course.


I’m a week into this challenge, hoping for the possibility of adding a little brawn to my scrawny arms (peals of laughter rock the house at the thought of me having brawny arms).  So far the “challenge” is extremely mild and gentle, which I like very much, but I have a feeling that will change in the next week or so.  This is my Before picture–if a week into the challenge is still “before.”  I think it is.  I’m hoping it is–this looks very Before to me.

in the shop: tree of life necklace

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Just listed another creation in my shop–a copper Tree of Life necklace, with agate gemstones for leaves and a little bird perched in the branches.  It hangs on a leather cord with a handmade copper clasp.

Early this morning a couple of owls called to each other outside our window for quite a long time. I hardly ever hear owls, and it took me a while to realize what the sound was.  Once I did, though, it was so very cool to listen to.

I might have a little bird thing going on–bird curtains, bird necklaces and now owls out the window. :)

in the shop: geometric silver swirl earrings

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Here is a pair of arrowhead-shaped swirl earrings I made last night in my studio. After forming them from sterling silver wire, I hammered them to add texture and a reflective glint. They have a mazelike/Mayan/funky modern feel to them, do you think?  Find them here.