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Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.


Rockin’ out his new flea market-found stroller!

park day

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We got ice cream and went to Kendrick Lake Park to hang out on Sunday.  It has a playground, flower garden, paved trail around the lake, and a meadow with some great trees for hiding in.  You just have to watch your step–the flocks of Canada geese definitely leave their mark. :)  These warm days seem even sweeter since our first snow!

summer snow

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Our first snow was on the ground when we woke up Friday morning.  Snow in summer–woo-hoo.  The snow, the stars in the clear morning sky, and the fire David lit later made it feel like December instead of barely the end of summer.


It doesn’t help that people keep their Christmas lights up all year around here.  Not us, of course.  We’re not like those mountain hillbilly people.  Well, we do have one string up–but inside, where no one else can see.  And maybe just one more going out to the playhouse.  Ok, we are hillbillies.


Only a few aspens have begun changing, and it looked odd to have a wintry blanket over green leaves.  But by evening the sun was out and the snow was gone, and the next morning we awoke to another day of summer.   The kids and I took a walk on our dirt road in t-shirts, and it was so hot Zia was gasping for a bit of shade.  We had to take a shortcut through the woods back to our house to get out of the sun.

Gotta love Colorado.  Snow this September, floods last September, fires the year before that.  But I wouldn’t trade these mountains for anywhere–’cause where else would a hillbilly call home?

{this moment}

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Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.


these days (and some bloggity-blahs)

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I’m not a blah-feeling person very often.  For a couple of weeks, though, it seems like I’m battling the blahs a lot.  I’m not sure if it’s the change in seasons (it’s cold and the aspens are turning gold!) or the string of cloudy days we’ve been having, or if it’s just plain me.  I just know that I’m not very motivated to do much of anything.  I can barely crack my Bible open to read a snippet–my heart just isn’t there.  Art, anything creative, and even blogging has been a drag.  I usually love working out, but now I feel like I have leaden arms and legs at the very thought.  Blah.

All I’ve been doing are the necessary things of life.  Cleaning, cooking (lasagne, enchiladas, and meatballs this week), getting the kids to the park on weekends–the “Rock park” above is Arapahoe Ridge Park in Boulder–taking Cash out on our two-mile daily walk while the kids are at school, doing homework with Zia, reading to the kids before bed, giving baths, and of course brushing teeth.

I’ve been feeling the winds of change sweeping through me, the yearning to live life better.  I think these blahs might be the precursor, the calm before the storm.  Have you ever felt that?  It’s like a baby having a frustrated season just before a new milestone–rolling over, crawling, walking, talking.  The frustration gives way to a whole new world.  I’m hoping that happens to me, soon.

I feel stagnant and repetitive like I’m somehow missing the mark.  It’s as if I’m walking around and around in a very small circle, wearing a rut into the ground.  There’ so much more to life, and I want to live it so much better.

I don’t want to just read my Bible faithfully (I’m not even doing that!), but I want to love God wildly, and live like it.  I don’t want to just paint uninspiring pictures or knit little dishcloths, I want creativity to course through me and pour out of me.  I don’t want to just go on blogging about our park days and homemade dinners and our little sphere of life here, I want to blog things that people are hungry for, that help them, that meet a need.  I don’t want to live at or above our income level–I want to find a way to simplify our life so that we can pay off our debts and have a surplus for others.

So that’s my rant for the day, but hey, it got me off my duff and blogging.  (Actually I’m blogging on my duff, but whatever works, at this point.)

So I’m hoping for a breath of fresh air and some new direction to come my way.  And I was wondering, do you ever have blahs like these?  And have they helped bump you out of a rut?  Please say yes!!!