last day waiting

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It’s ten degrees outside, but the snowstorm has stopped and the sun is out.  There’s a fire going in the wood stove, we made lunches, and the kids trudged through the snow to the bus.  It may not feel much like spring here, but it still feels good in a whole different way.  Life is more than fair weather, right?

Dadda will be home today and we can’t wait.  I don’t think we’ll even have to shovel our way out to get him. The poor guy will probably be in shock, coming from two weeks in eighty-degree Georgia, lol.  We’ll wrap him up nice and cozy and feed him something hot, and he should survive just fine.  He’s a rough, tough cowboy, after all.

Then again, he’s had to work in a windowless, air-conditioned room for 12-14-hour days–and I’d take a cozy, sunlit house in Colorado snow over that any day.

So come on home, boy–we’re waiting for you!

these lovely april snowstorms

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Oh, noooooooo! It’s coming down again!

We might just be shoveling that sweet long driveway again–this time to pick up Dadda when he comes in tomorrow evening.  Now that is an event worth shoveling for.  Cash asks me daily, when will “Dadda be hoe?”  When I tell him four, three, two days, etc, he says “Whoa!” like he can’t quite believe it.

We are all looking forward to having that man back here with us.  As much fun as these kids are (and oh, they are fun), two weeks is a long time to spend with JUST kids.  I think after we have all given Dadda our hugs and kisses when he steps off that bus, I might just lean against him and give a great big sigh.  It’s over.

One more day–snow or no snow–and we’ll all be together again!

{this moment}

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Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.


happy birthday, dadda!

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Happy birthday, Baby!  Are you really forty?  Yes, you are.

It seems like just the other day when you turned thirty, and I threw a little party for you.  It’s funny to think about that birthday now–how little we knew about each other, how much we had to learn!  Ten birthdays later, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well, I think.  And I can say for sure, I love who you are. 


On your birthday a decade ago, I really didn’t know you.  I had no clue you would be the most amazing person to build my life with, to build a family with, to build a love that would endureYou’re so good to me, and to our kids.  We all think you’re the greatest.

So happy birthday to the man we love so much.  We miss you and wish you an awesome birthday–even though we know you’ll be hard at work today (just the kind of birthday you like).

Happy birthday, Dadda. We love you!


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Got the driveway finished this afternoon, and then went to Nederland.  Yaaaaayyyy!  It was warm today and snow was melting, so it took me only an hour or so to shovel the whole bottom half.


Driveway from the bend looking up to the house.


Driveway from the bend looking down to the road.

We hopped in the car and went to the Mountain People’s co-op for milk to make yogurt and some drinks and snacks for the kids (kombucha tea for me–yippee).  We were delirious with our freedom and accidentally left the garage door open–oops!  No mountain lions or bears in the house, thankfully.

And now…it’s snowing again. :)