a moment from three years ago

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Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.


Three years ago we had a new dining room table and chairs delivered to our (otherwise mostly empty) house.  We were so happy with our new table, and still are.  And it’s still big enough for all of us, though we’ve grown a little.  But it’s not quite as huge as it was that first day. ;)

moments of thanksgiving

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Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.










happy thanksgiving!

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We’re here at home having a little Mamma-Dadda-kids celebration…and finding out just how lovely it is to eat turkey dinner and pumpkin pie in your jammies.  Hope your day was every bit as exquisite as ours.  ;)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Colorado Rockies!

in the shop: celtic deer necklace and bear claw earrings

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Here are the latest items in my shop.  After the Pictish bear I posted last week, I wanted to make more Celtic animal designs. They’re so much fun, with their swirls and knots and flat colors.


First I made these bear claw earrings. I worked them in silver and black inks on aspen wood slices, and hung them on silver plated earwires.



Bear claws are a traditional Celtic design, although they usually have intricate knotwork in the center pad of the paw.  I changed the design on these earrings to show a Celtic triskelion swirl instead.


The other piece I made is an aspen necklace featuring a Celtic stag.  It is an original design I created, worked in Pictish style.



I used translucent rust red, iridescent gold, and cream inks for the deer. It has a circular forest green background edged in gold, and hangs on a gold plated chain.  It has a nice wintry look (especially against snow!) but I’m pretty sure I would also wear this in warm weather.


Picking favorites in my art is a little like having a favorite child, so I try not to.  Still, this is a definite favorite. :)


Hop on over to the shop if you want to check them out!

three years ago today

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Three years ago today we were making Thanksgiving dinner!  Caleb was at his mom’s, so it was just us three.  Actually, there were four of us, but we didn’t know it–Cashy-Boy was just a microscopic little thing.


We made turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, two kinds of stuffing and two kinds of gravy, and crowded it all onto our little round table. We had two kitchen chairs and a stool, and that was the bulk of our furniture.  We had sold everything we didn’t absolutely need before moving from Kansas City.  Notice the two folding chairs in the background?  Those were our couches. :)


Zia made us this great table decoration to add to our simple surroundings. It was such a heartfelt construction, and I appreciated it even more than having nice furniture and decor. :) Such good times…and we’ve always had so much to be thankful for.