presents from dadda

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David brought us some cool presents when he came back from New York City.  He gave me this shirt, jewelry, and card.


I like these bracelets so much.  The longer one can also be worn as a necklace.  I love the combination of rawhide, green stones, and brushed metal.  David is pretty awesome at picking out things I like.


He wrote me such a sweet card I started crying when I read it, hehee.


I also got this very cool watermelon red shirt.


I pretend I’m Martina Hingis in it. (She struck up a conversation with David in a restaurant, and he didn’t even know it was her, haha.)


Dadda brought U.S Open tennis balls and teddy bears for the kids.



The balls are huge!


He brought sheet metal kits to build miniscule 3-D structures of the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, and World Trade Center.


They are really cool.  Caleb said after building these he ought to be a pretty good surgeon.


I probably should have let the kids build the 3-D puzzle of the Statue of Liberty, but once I picked it up, it was just too interesting to put down.  I put it together while Cash and Zia took a bath.



They loved it when it was finished.


David also got a shirt for Zia, a pin for Caleb, 2 Lego race car kits, and a box of cookies from his favorite Italian bakery in NYC.  Everything he got was so sweet and awesome.  Still, it all pales in comparison to just having him home.  I think we’d all agree–having Dadda home is the best present of all.  :)

dadda’s home

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He’s home!  In the blink of an eye, everything in the world is right again.



This trip–eighteen days–was the longest he’s ever been gone.  By the end I had an awful ache inside to see him, and we were all counting down the days.



We’re not letting this man go anywhere without us for a long, long time.



We’re so glad you’re finally here.  Welcome home!

{this moment}

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Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.


flea market finds

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Saturday we went to the local flea market–an outdoor affair with all of 5 or 6 vendors–in the parking lot of our community center.  We found a few little treasures.  Caleb and Zia each got one or two things they liked, and I found some things for Cash.  The wooden bench was $1, and worth every penny.  He drags it all over the house, and the saying on it is definitely true.  (Insert wry smile.)


This “Queen Buzzy Bee” is a pull toy that just needed a string.  Its wings spin with a nice little clicking sound when it moves.


I fell in love with this little pull toy horse.  Its head bobs when you pull it, the soldier bobs a little, and the bell jingles.


This telephone also needed a new string to pull it.  The eyes move up and down and it rings when you let the dial spin.


I hate to admit I spent $25 on those three old toys, but I did.  My best haggling skills only brought the total price down by $5, but secretly (or not so secretly) I’m happy I bought them.  They are so much sweeter, I think, than all the plastic toys in Walmart.  Besides, I had to teach Cash how to use a dial phone before there are no more. ;)



The end table was $2.  If I had the time and patience–and propensity for sanding possibly lead-based paint–I would have brought it all down to the original wood.  I decided to keep it a quick project, so I painted it with the leftover Chili Pepper paint from the kitchen, but it didn’t seem durable enough.  I went over it with glossy black, but then realized I needed I nice pop of color for the laundry room, so I went to Home Depot for a can of bright red.  I’m a little obsessive when it comes to paint.  I think I’ll keep it red, but it’s taken 5 coats so far, and it will probably take another 2 to cover the black.  So much for a quick project.



We spent the rest of our weekend swimming and at the park by the creek in Boulder.  Zia has been home from school with a little cold this week, but our excitement can’t be dampened.  Dadda comes home tomorrow night!


moose on the loose

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When Caleb and Zia walked up the driveway from the bus Thursday afternoon, someone was watching.


They happened to look up and saw this big bull moose looking at them when they were only a few feet away.  They backed down the driveway slowly and ran around through the woods up to the house.


When they came in gasping for breath and told me about him, he was still there.  I went out and watched him from next to the playhouse.  He was huge, and I was glad they didn’t try sneaking past him.  He probably wouldn’t have cared, but you never really know.


In May, there was a moose attack on two women that aired on national news.  It took place just a mile or two from our house.  The woman in the interview died not long after–from “unrelated causes,” they said, something like brain seizures.  I’m not convinced it was unrelated, since she sustained head injuries (and had 10 staples in her head–ouch).


This little area is kind of a moose hangout–it’s the same place we saw the other bull, which I think was a different one.  It’s hard to tell, since that was in the spring.  He had a thick rough coat and was just sprouting his antlers.  I often wonder if one of these bulls was the one who attacked the two women in May.  To be fair, he was being harassed by their dogs–which will drive a moose to blind fury.


Anyway, there is something moose-licious in this little open patch on our land.  I wonder how often I walk right by and never realize there is a moose watching me!