three years ago today

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Three years ago today we were making Thanksgiving dinner!  Caleb was at his mom’s, so it was just us three.  Actually, there were four of us, but we didn’t know it–Cashy-Boy was just a microscopic little thing.


We made turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, two kinds of stuffing and two kinds of gravy, and crowded it all onto our little round table. We had two kitchen chairs and a stool, and that was the bulk of our furniture.  We had sold everything we didn’t absolutely need before moving from Kansas City. (Notice the two folding chairs in the background?  Those were our couches. :) )


Zia made us this great table decoration to add to our simple surroundings. It was such a heartfelt construction, and I appreciated it even more than having nice furniture and decor.  Such good times…and we’ve always had so much to be thankful for.

{this moment}

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Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.


Photo by Zia.

new cards

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My business cards are here!  Double sided and printed on uncoated stock for a fresh and simple art paper look.  My designs–front and back.

Love them. :)

four years ago today

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Four years ago, we were trading in our Kansas-city-cruising Mini Cooper for a new bumpy-dirt-road mountain ride.  Both of those cars were so cool.  More importantly, this little three-year old star was shining brightly, as always.


And here she is today, still shining.


Cars come and go, but three year olds move on and never come back.  Such happy times, those lightning days of being three.  :)

in the shop: red fox and bear design necklaces

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Two new necklaces are in the shop!


First up is Mr. Fox.  He is bright-eyed and (probably) a bushy-tailed little fellow.



The fox is hand painted with colored India inks on a wedge of aspen wood.  I like working with these inks, since they are lightfast, waterproof, and permanent.


This chain is a delicate platinum plated one. With this necklace, I also offer silver and gold plated choices.


Here is the bear. I was inspired to create this design from ancient Pictish animal carvings. I worked the illustration in black and silver inks and hung the pendant on a silver plated chain.


The Picts lived in what is now Northern and Eastern Scotland.  Their art included beautiful and interesting animals with swirls delineating the curves of their forms.




I’d like to hear what you think of these two new pieces–leave a comment if you get a chance!