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When I was small, my mother made me a little apron. It was a present – for what, I don’t remember (birthday? christmas?) but I do remember it was red with little blue roses all over it, and the lining was light green (bearing a strange resemblance to one of our worn pillowcases:) Most of all, I remember the pocket, rounded on the bottom edge and laced with white eyelet. And it had my name on it, in cursive.

I loved that apron and have always vowed to someday make one for my own little daughter. This week, the moment finally happened. I came across a little Montessori-style apron on one of my favorite blogs. Meg McElwee makes patterns and sells them, and this apron is a free tutorial she offers on her site. (And, just like Zia, her boy calls his grandparents Mimi and Papa! Crazy, right? Check out this page for more about that!)

So I downloaded the pdf file and got to work. Might I say the pattern was a breeze to work from- very well written, clear and simple. I loved it and would definitely recommend her patterns just from working with this one. (She also has a book, which of course I’m dying to get.)

I scavenged through my scraps for the just the right fabric. Then, while Zia was sleeping, I escaped to Jo-ann Fabrics to pick up something new: Heat ‘n Bond Lite. It’s a fusible facing for making iron-on patches, and I wanted to give it a whirl. The stuff works like a dream. I cut out a strawberry shape from the lining fabric and bonded it to the pink fabric. Then I bonded the pockets to their linings. Why I did the latter I’ll never know. With the Heat ‘n Bond, the pockets came out stiff as a board. Live and learn, I guess.

DSC03603 copy

So I ripped them out and made one big pocket, without Heat ‘n Bond…

DSC03613 copy

…but with her name! (BTW, bias tape is very hard to write a name with- my poor machine groaned whenever I stitched through a double layer. Hmm.)

But I think the result was well worth the effort.

DSC03616 copy

Heck, anything’s worth a smile like that!

DSC03626 copy

Or a pose like this.

DSC03638 copy

She should be in a cookbook…no, she should author a cookbook.

DSC03645 copy

Make that a Basic Guide for the Modern Housewife. Er, semi-modern.

DSC03646 copy

Lovely, isn’t she? And I rarely sweep anymore. Or do dishes.

DSC03665 copy

Some fortunate young man will have quite a catch.

DSC03669 copy

After he catches his breath from the bang of her Dadda’s shotgun.

DSC03671 copy

And after her Mamma firmly ties those apron strings- and then adds a little superglue.

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  1. 3 amigos says on :

    HI!!!!!!! hadn’t caught up with your blog…………..but WOW has that lil bebee grown or WHAT????? Just from Thanksgiving to January – she is REALLY getting big and SOOOOOO pretty 🙂 🙂 🙂 and Makayla really loves her purse she says it’s just like in all the magazines 🙂
    I thought the fox was REAL – WOW!!!!! and yup we were / are buried in snow, still!!!!! luv u guys

  2. Kaaren Heller says on :

    Too cute!
    Do you remember Linda Jeroszko?She came to Endicott.

  3. Poco Mountain Girl » Blog Archive » drawings for sewing patterns says on :

    […] sewn some of Meg’s other patterns as well and I would definitely recommend them. They are clear, well written and easy to follow […]

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