rainy day cat girl

Posted on October 28th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  No Comments »

At last, we had a rainy day in Colorado. Wild, wild, rain, and wind. Lots of it.

Rain calls for inside activities, so besides puzzles, books, and National Geographic movies…
we made a cat mask.

It was super simple: trace a pair of kid sunglasses onto poster board, draw some nice catty eyes inside the sunglasses outline, and complete the outside edge with a feline face shape and ears.

We added pink and red tissue paper (someone’s favorite colors), pipe cleaner whiskers, and glittery white ears and nose. And, a piece of elastic I dug out of my sewing box.

By the time the rain cleared away and the sun peeped out from behind the mountains…

we had a real live cat girl ready to romp in the leaves and stomp through the puddles!

They may be few and far between…but I love those rainy days.

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