Meet Mia


Hi there! I’m Mia, the mountain girl!

This blog is about the life I’m etching out on this earth: a wild and free life filled with all kinds of fun stuff. Art, sewing, making a garden, creating healthy (and often strange!) things to eat…anything I find interesting and worthwhile. And learning: learning about all the above and everything else I can wrap my brain around…because to me, life is just that interesting.

To clarify the mountain girl thing, I don’t exactly live on a mountain. No siree. Truth be told, I actually live in one of the flattest places in the U.S. of A: right in the middle of the midwest plains. Kansas City, to be exact. But in this blog, I’m a mountain girl. A displaced hillbilly child, rumor has it.

I’m from back east, where I lived in the hills of upstate New York, and it’s a great place. Now there’s nothing wrong with the midwest, but I have to say, sometimes the flat life just gets to you. In fact, sometimes it takes a good bubbly bottle of kombucha tea to put a little fizz back into life, and every year or so, I just feel the need to climb some mountain. It’s more of a long-term fix than the kombucha, which only lasts a few minutes.

But for now, I’ve made my home sweet home here in the Heartland, and here is where I’ll stay…till I find my mountain, or till my mountain finds me. And a home sweet home it is. I live here with my sweetheart from Santa Fe: DL. He’s a mountain lion; one wild stallion of a man. Here in this blog, I often refer to him as the Spaniard, the Conquistador, El Dorado, and the like. Amidst the bustle of city-limit life, he and I are slowly finding our way to live a more simple, slow, self-sufficient, and less rat-like life. You know, the rat-race thing. Life in our culture has a way of promoting the Rat. More. Faster. Easier. Tastier. And then you die.

So we’re learning to live life in a more rich and meaningful way. At the center of that is our commitment to Jesus Christ, the Great One who gives our lives meaning in the first place. Loving Him, listening to Him, following Him. Without that, we feel all the rest would be meaningless anyway.

Oh, by the way, there’s another person around these parts, a little red-headed lady known as Lovey McDovey, or for short, Mrs. McDovey. Otherwise known as The Ladybug, Angel, Hoddit Poodiloo, and other fancy titles. Then again, sometimes we just call her Zia. She fills our lives with silliness, questions, and lots of instructions…and she already has life figured out so much more than I do.

So I hope you enjoy the read. If you hang around, you’ll get to know me, and maybe learn a little trick or a recipe along the way. Please leave comments; I LOVE them and try to answer every one, so check back often if you do. I’m really looking forward to meeting you!