christmas eve in winter park

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We’d never been to the village of Winter Park, so with nothing on our schedule for Christmas Eve, we jumped in the jeep and went twisting and rolling through the snowy hills. It took about an hour and a half to reach the town.

Our first stop was the toy store. Zia got a bag of Miner’s Gold Nugget gum and a set of tiny white horses to paint.

We checked out some other shops, including a rock and mineral shop and the general store.

David got me these aspen leaf earrings at the general store. He also bought me 2 aspen leaf necklaces. I haven’t gotten pictures of them yet, but I will–I promise. He was super happy that I found something I liked, for once.

I’m super happy that I married such an awesome guy.

Winter Park is, first and foremost, a ski town. It has 5 mountains with varying levels of difficulty. The town was full of skiers. I think there were more people clopping around in ski boots than not.

We took the ski lift to where the evening action was.

Zia got a free ride and a stick of blue rock candy from her dadda…

not too mention nice warm fingers and toes.

We passed some carolers on the street…

some walking trees and reindeer folk…

and a real live tree hugger.

Finally, our destination. A giant bonfire where everyone gathered to watch the procession of skiers come down the hill with torches.

Me and Z. Notice I finished my kitty hat? Now we match wherever we go.

I sure love this kid–blue lips and all.

Here’s the last picture before my camera batteries died. The word PEACE is spelled out in flares, and the skiers are above it, starting down the hill.

When the procession was over (which included Santa on skis, pulling his own sleigh) we headed back through the sparkling snow for the ski lift to our jeep…and home.

Hope you’ve had an awesome weekend!

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  1. Leah says on :

    I am a wee bit jealous. I learned to ski and snowboard on those mountains, before there were giant buildings at the foot of Larry Sale and Lower Hughes. And there is no snow here. None.

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Leah, that is wild to me that KC still has no snow! Hopefully no ice, either? That may just be an ok tradeoff, since that midwest winter ice is no picnic!

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