blue quandary

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Do you ever have a hard time picking out a new paint color for a room? There’s so much to think about…so much more than just do I like this color?  You know, what’s the atmosphere I’m trying to convey, what “color temperature” do I need this room to be (i.e. cool, warm, neutral), do I want a strong color that really impacts you or a color that sits politely in the background, what’s the size of the room and how will the color affect it, what sort of light do I get (natural, artificial, north, south) and how much light, do I want an energizing room or a calming room, a room that stimulates the appetite or not, a room to curl up and read or a room to rock out a focused project…and on and on and on.

Well, I’ve finally narrowed my choices down to BLUE. I like my red room a lot, but hey, it’s just gotten a little tired. Time for something new. But the problem is, what sort of blue? It’s an east room so it gets mostly natural morning light and then low lamplight in the evening, it’s a large room, we eat in it frequently, I exercise in it, I read in it, David studies in it and watches movies in it, Zia plays in it, I do art projects and some hand sewing in it, fold clothes in it, and you name it- whatever else you can think of. Oh, and it’s a living room…could you tell?:)

So what do you think- a warm and purply blue, or more of a pure, clear cool blue? Intense and bold, or softly muted? Deep or not too deep?

I want it to be a richly surrounding, intimately cozy, invigorating but not overpowering, strong and central home-anchoring color. Whew! That was probably for my verbal processing benefit more than yours, so don’t get too dizzied there.

Here are your choices (this is after I’ve weeded most of them out):



Whaddya think…any suggestions?




Of course, it took Zia to immediately see the tiny horse!



If you’ve NEVER commented on my website before, now’s your chance (and of course, if you have already commented, too) because I need some input here, or thoughts, or ideas. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I’ve already driven David to insanity…and of course, Zia just takes it for granted that I’m crazy…she just ignores me and looks for horses.

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  1. tracy martin says on :

    Hi Mia,
    I like a pale blue myself. I actually went somewhere today and the walls were painted a cool pale green. I loved it and just wanted to relax!

    I will be painting my living room sometime, soon I hope. Last week we painted Alissa’s room Pink, with a green window seat and green vine like trip along the top. It is a little bold for me, but fun!

    Hope you are all well. Hugs for everyone!

  2. mountain girl says on :


    Thanks for your comment! Alyssa’s room sounds really nice- something like what I (eventually) want to do with Zia’s room. I’m looking at an island-house sort of pink (bright but warm, with lots of yellow in it) coupled with asparagus green. A little zany, but super fun! I still remember the bright pink room I had as a kid!

  3. Rae LaShomb says on :

    Hi Mia!
    I think blue is a relaxing choice! I like the swatch on the uppermost left hand side …the second swatch in (to the right) on the top.

    I think it would probably be bright enough for an east room, but still cozy and won’t look too dark if the room is big and you have enough windows (otherwise a shade lighter would work too).

    also the 3 large swatches in the lower right hand corner, second row up from the bottom, I like the middle one.

    Anyway, hope that helps you!

    Happy painting!


  4. mia says on :

    Auntie Rae,

    Cool! I wanted to know what you thought about the blues. You don’t think those intense blues would be too deep?? I really like them, but I’m SCARED to paint…very scared. Maybe it’ll be awful, maybe something the next owner can’t wait to paint over. Maybe I should just pick a neutral, warm color instead…yellow goldish or something and just pump up the color with accent pillows and paintings- whaddya think????

    Milking my interior designer sis for all she’s worth!!!

  5. Rae LaShomb says on :


    I was thinking about that too! It is kinda scary, those blues are pretty deep…if you have alot of windows i think i would be ok. (like more windows that wall!) the other blues just seemed to light for your taste.
    But maybe you should do something more nuetral. It would probably be safer and you could do what ever you wanted with accents..
    You can always paint the ceiling a different shade to add some interest and color.

  6. Rae LaShomb says on :

    matt also thought maybe doing a lighter blue on the top and darker blue on the bottom of the wall…
    all you would have to do is install a chair rail moulding! You wouldn’t even have to do both colors blue, the top could be that goldish yellow, with the chair rail white and the rest of the trim in the room white…
    that way you could incorporate the darker blues

    that would be cool!

  7. mountain girl says on :


    Good thoughts, good thoughts. I might just go with the golden yellow. I was thinking of maybe a light aqua ceiling, or maybe just go lazy and wash the entire room in one golden buttermilk color- walls, ceiling, trim, floor. (Just kidding about the floor:)

    In the case that I did go blue, do you think a golden yellow ceiling would be too wild? Or should I go with aqua? I thought maybe the yellow would warm up the blue.

    Overall, my plan is to come out with a warm, inviting, ethnic-feeling space…you’ve seen pictures of South American rooms with primary colors? I’m thinking purple and cobalt for accent colors, with my red couches and maybe some big colorfully striped pillows. And big paintings with large, simple shapes in aqua and cobalt, etc.

    Let me know what you think…

    and you too, Tracy, if you get any more inspiration!

  8. Rae LaShomb says on :

    South American sounds like you for sure, it would look really awesome…I think bold colors are really cool, as long as you have the guts!

    Is your floor the clay colored tile in that room? If so, the primary colors such as the yellow goldenrod ceiling color would look very South American w/the blue and clay color


  9. mountain girl says on :

    No but that WOULD look cool…it’s the adjoining kitchen that has the tile…the L.R. is just wood floors. Are you still working on your house? What have you done lately with it?

  10. Rae LaShomb says on :

    Yes, we have been working on the house this summer, we pressure washed the decks and water sealed them a cedar color…i love the color! We also added latice work below the decks that really finishes them off nicely.

    We also put in new maple hardwoods in the living room since you saw the house this summer (the maple wood has both light and darker pieces which has an interesting effect). It really lightens up the room and the darker pieces go really well with the pine trim that was already there.

    Also, we just finished insulated the attic. We are exhausted! But thankfully all of our big projects are done for the year!


  11. mountain girl says on :

    That sounds cool. We just painted the basement walls and floor. It looks awesome.

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