happy father’s day

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Happy Father’s Day to Dadda!

Of all the things I love about the guy I married, one of my favorite things is how readily he runs into adventure–of all kinds. He’s not afraid of new and unknown territories. More than that, he’s not afraid of changing and growing and moving forward.

He’s always been a good dadda, but he’s becoming a better one every day.

In the past 2 1/2 years, he’s found a new job (not building cairns, by the way. The picture above is in his spare time), moved us to a sweet little place in Colorado, brought his boy into our family, found an even sweeter mountain home to fit us all, and welcomed the challenge (and joy!) of a new baby on the way.

Here he is with the kids at Bass Pro Shop on Father’s Day last year. They’re all just a little chubbier–Colorado has thinned us out. (Well, except for me. I do have a rather round belly, I must admit. It’s getting rounder by the day.)

Since we’ve been here in Colorado, he picked up fly fishing, took his hunter safety course with Caleb, and is honing his rifle skills. He’s teaching himself the lovely art of skinning animals, tanning hides, processing meat, and all that good (but stinky) stuff.

I’m not sure, but there’s a chance he might be taking up running, too. Here he is whupping the pants off our steep, oxygen-free mountain road.

More than all those outward things, I love the man who is inside. The one who shines steadily on me and our kids every day, loving us, guiding us, protecting us, making sure we have all we need.

Happy Father’s Day to my best friend and my favorite rock star. You are awesome!

3 Responses to “happy father’s day”

  1. Hannah says on :

    He sounds like a good man! We love our papa, too!

  2. Your Lion says on :

    I love you so very much, Mountain Girl Wonder! Don’t be fooled about me running, there is a TON of pain in that pic! So happy I am yours.

    Love you HUGE!

  3. Leah says on :

    You two are a perfect fit. I love seeing you love your family. Happy family.

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