the hnowy day

Posted on March 3rd, 2009 by mountain girl  |  No Comments »


The new month came in like a lamb…a soft, fluffy, white lamb! After a mild green February, March dawned with lots of bright, beautiful snow. Hno, as Zia calls it.

Where, O where are my skis? Languishing in an attic halfway across the country! They don’t call them cross-country skis for nothing…



There are no snowshoes here, either. Or sleds, or sleighs. People here don’t run out and play in the snow…they hate it, hide from it. Not me and Zia, though. WE LOVE SNOW! We like to eat it, too. 



Snowshoe-less and ski-less, we’ve been out in it every day just the same. That’s the best part about plain old boots: they go crunch, crunch, crunch so beautifully. Let it hno!


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