sweet sixteen

Posted on November 10th, 2008 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »

redheads chillin' out

redheads chillin out

Today my girl turned sixteen…..months.

To celebrate, I took her to the Plaza Library. There’s a great section for kids, with lots of open space for running (or crawling) around. There are kid-size chairs and tables, and lots of little activity things. There’s even a puppet theater with puppets, and coloring tables with a writable surface and a well in the center filled with jumbo crayons. Truly a great place to spend your 16th monthday.

redhead at the crayon table

puppet theater

redheads in the puppet theater

We spent the afternoon there – with redheads. A redheaded mom with 2 redheaded little girls, and another mom with a redheaded little boy. We decided it must be redhead day. There was definitely a camaraderie among us. After a while, a man showed up with a non-redheaded little boy, and he was obviously out of place there, though we all tried to make him and his little towhead comfortable.

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  1. Your Lion says on :

    That’s awesome… and here everyone is telling us that redheads are becoming extinct! Yah right! Schmoochies to my girlies!!! /:O)

  2. Your Lion says on :

    Oh and you look much prettier than the other redheads my Ange!!

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