raw recipe: blueberry smoothie

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

Green smoothies are one of my very favorite things. I usually have one of some kind or another every day, and today I whipped up one of my favorites. Actually, today’s was a purple smoothie.

Since I didn’t blog a raw recipe on Monday, I thought I would do this one today. Here’s the basic blueprint for my blueberry smoothie, but keep in mind that deviations are always fine!

Blueberry Smoothie

1 cup fresh blueberries

1 frozen banana

1/4 cup sunflower seeds, soaked

2 T flax meal

1 T coconut oil

juice of 1 lime

handful of baby spinach leaves

Dash cinnamon

a little water if needed

I don’t always put the banana in, but it does make it much sweeter if you’re not digging too much of a green taste. Alternately, you could use some stevia to sweeten.

Blend and enjoy…it’s yummy, creamy, and refreshing!

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  1. carlye says on :

    Thanks! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

  2. Smoothie Maker says on :

    This looks great! Will try this one out for sure. The dash of cinnamon sounds like a nice touch.

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