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A day nearly too lovely for words…

balloons at dawn

presents upon rising: picture books, garage sale goodies, homemade art box

crown from Grandma and Pom-Pom worn all day

even to the farmstead with friends Kaleb and Jezzie

to the first pony ride ever

fishing with real worms

a fake sneezing fit every time happy birthday was sung

pretending you’re little again in a red wagon just like Mimi’s

back home for pink-frosted chocolate cake with pink raspberry ice cream

= a perfect day- nearly, but not quite- too perfect for words.

Happy Birthday to my brand new 3-year-old girl.

3 Responses to “three”

  1. Noah Blake says on :

    Happy Birthday Zia. The pony ride looked really cool. – noah

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Noah!

  3. mimi says on :

    Papa,Kirke and I loved the pics!!!! Great artwork on the portrait…..the cake was SO dreamy looking and that CROWN! Everything made for a perfect day. Are ya tired? I’m glad you all got through that huge storm….I had no idea…. Can’t wait to hear about your trip west. Love, Mama

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