the big move

Posted on September 20th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  4 Comments »

The Lakewood condos were our home for a year. We had 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a living room and kitchen. We loved our little home.

Our condo was a great place for a while, but when Caleb came to be a part of our family we needed a bit more elbow room.

So on Saturday morning, we hit the road.

We had way more stuff than I thought. We carried box after box down 3 flights of steps and out to the truck.

Thankfully, our friends Cindy and Will came from Kansas City to help us move. Together we left our condo spotless. You guys rock!

We also loaded these two Veggie Tales into the truck…

silly moving faces and all.

After driving an hour into the mountains, we arrived at our new home and began unloading.

This is the large room on the main floor. It serves as living room, dining room, family room, school room, art room,ย and office. It has 7 large windows, 3 built-in bookcases, and a wood stove.

The other side of the same room. Unpacking was so much easier than packing!

Breakfast in our sunny new home.

I feel pretty sure we’ve been given the most perfect place on earth for our little family to live.

And yes, we’re so thankful.

4 Responses to “the big move”

  1. jodi says on :

    That is amazing! The house and yard look perfect for you guys. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree, unpacking is much easier and enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚ I love seeing your new place.

  2. 3 amigos says on :

    hellooooooooo……what a HAPPY LOOKING FAMILY:) LUV U GUYS/ – beautiful house….!

  3. tracy martin says on :

    Love your house! What does caleb think about homeschooling? I so wish we were closer. He has such a sweet spirit about him that you capture so well. And that little Zia you can tell she has a heart full of adventure. I am sure there are going to be many great memories to be had in your new casa!

  4. Allison says on :

    Yay, your new home! How great that Cindi and Will came out! Congratulations on the move.

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