dinosaur ridge

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One very cool place that is only a couple of miles from our home is Dinosaur Ridge. It’s comprised of a little welcome center and gift shop, a small museum, and a great big ridge. (Above, you can see the ridge going around the left side of the mountain).

The gift shop and museum are fun places for kids, but the ridge itself is where the fun really begins…

…so when Caleb was here, we all hiked up there together.

Throwing rocks over the edge.

Hang on kids. It’s a looooooong way down.

They say much of Colorado was covered in water…millions of years ago. They’ve found large marine mammals, clams, mollusks, and shark teeth up on this mountain. Look at those crazy water ripples behind Caleb!

To me, these ripples might just be evidence of water pressure from Noah’s flood…hmmm.

But…the experts believe otherwise. Sigh.

Let’s face it…Noah and I are in a very select minority group for believing such fairy tales.

Caleb is pointing to some ruts left by tree branches. Sweet.

But my favorite part is yet to come…(drum roll)


These are brushed in charcoal to make them show up better. They are HUMONGOUS!

Along with the Iguanodon, this creature of mammoth pronunciation also romped the hills.

All together, now – moms, babies, giant chickens! Last one up the hill is a rotten dino egg!

And this was their view when they got to the top. Minus the I-470 traffic.

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  1. Cassie says on :

    So fun! I love the colorful Stegosaurus.

  2. mimi says on :

    Everyone of these pics are outstanding….Kirke and I are in awe of them! Even the people are fabulous (ha) you guys all look great! Mimi

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