on my birthday

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In the kitchen I found a Papyrus birthday card from David, signed by all the kids. The fish and coral are embroidered on muslin and studded with seed beads. He always finds amazing cards for me!


We spent the early part of the day at our sweet, wild church on Lookout Mountain.  Paul Wilbur was a special guest.  It’s always fun when Paul comes to visit.  He’s a true lover of God, an awesome musician, and a Harley dude.


We ate sandwiches in the car and took the kids horseback riding–actually for Zia’s birthday, a little late.



This is our third summer visiting Pine Cliff Stables at White Ranch.  They take you up a thousand feet or so, and you can see Golden and much of Jefferson County laid out before you.  After the ride, you wobble around on bowlegs for awhile.




Cash and I stayed behind to wait–he has to be six to go on a trail ride–but he got a leg up when they returned.


“This horse is huge! I need a pony!”


Heading home through the canyon.


Studying my newly forty-year old face.



And making silly faces at a stop for gas.  Obviously, I let David do all the work.




I didn’t know someone had his head in the window, watching me wink, grin, and snap away.

“#562,” he muttered.


I remember making silly faces in the mirror when I was about three and then turned to find my papa watching me.  I was incredibly embarrassed and quickly said, “I wasn’t making any faces!”  He gave me a look kind of like the one above, with just a little less of the chiseled-rock aspect.  Actually, I think I remember a smile, which made me even more embarrassed.


The view behind me. Riding hosses makes you sleepy.


I love my life–this man, these kids, this rugged land. I know turning forty isn’t so fun for many women, and I feel so blessed with all the goodness I’ve been given.  Happy trails, y’all!

6 Responses to “on my birthday”

  1. Carie says on :

    What an awesome way to celebrate- and that card it just beautiful!!

  2. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee……we,too, are so blessed to have been able to share and get a vivid view of your awesome lives – thanks for everything and many, many more happy birthdays 🙂 luv/ mom

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Mom! It was great to have you come visit, and now you have first-hand experience of the joys and trials of living 9,000+ feet high!

  4. Kim says on :

    What a day! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. Enjoy 40, and all it offers. It is wonderful!

  5. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Kim!

  6. Yanic says on :

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful day. That picture of passed out Zia just made me crack up. I’ve seen that view before. 🙂

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