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Posted on February 28th, 2014 by mountain girl  |  10 Comments »

Linking up withΒ SouleMama…a moment from our week.

40 degrees and the snow is melting! Spring might actually come sometime, after all…

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  1. Danielle says on :

    In love with your home and the view, gorgeous- a break in winter- spring is on its way! Enjoy your weekend! Blessings from our family to yours, sharing our moment of siblings reading together..http://fourfarming.blogspot.com/2014/02/this-moment_28.html

  2. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee………What a beautiful home πŸ™‚ luv u/ mom

  3. karen says on :

    We are a hot 12 degrees here in PA brrrr. I’m not complaining though, I’d rather have cold than hot!! You have a lovely view:)

  4. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom says on :

    Yay for melting snow! We’re in a deep freeze right now. I can’t wait for spring!

  5. Kim says on :

    Beautiful! Can you let lady spring know she needs to head north next πŸ™‚ Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Mireille says on :

    Spring is always coming .. after winter …


    Have a nice week-end.

  7. Wendy McDonagh-Valentine says on :

    Our snow is starting to melt here in New York also but now there’s another storm in the forecast for Sunday into Monday. UGGHH!!!! Oh well. Nothing we can do about it other then stock up on milk, bread and eggs!! : ) Have a beautiful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  8. Kelly says on :

    Love- the 40 degrees, the siding, the thought of spring! We’re about to get snow πŸ™ a little over it…Here’s our most recent find- http://www.sagetribe02.com/blog/2014/02/this-moment-1.html

  9. NinnyNoodleNoo says on :

    I hope Spring comes for you soon – it does like to take its time in the mountains, although the reward for the wait is always well worth it! (I miss mountains – my mother is Norwegian and we would go when we visited family, but it’s been a long time now!)

  10. Chrisy@GoodNorthCoastLife says on :

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the first day or two of Spring Mia. It’s been such a long winter for you all in North America, l’m sure you’re all hanging out for some sunshine and warmer weather πŸ™‚

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