a shining bit of history

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Here’s a sweet abstraction David created in-camera while shooting a watercolor I painted last week. Isn’t it great how the light appears to stream from the windows?



My original painting (notice no streaming light!) is below:

And the original photo, taken by David on site in Santa Fe, NM. Definitely no streaming light.

The San Miguel Mission is the oldest church in the United States. The original adobe walls and altar were built by the Tlaxcalan Indians from Mexico around 1610, under the direction of Franciscan Padre Fray Alonso de Benavidas.

The roof was burned in the Pueblo Indian rebellion of 1680, and wasn’t rebuilt until 1694-1710, after Don Diego de Vargas came and resettled Santa Fe. Then in the 1800s a few more parts were added onto it, such as a tower facade. On Sundays, you can still go to church there.

I created the original watercolor as a gift for my very cool inlaws, who live within walking distance of San Miguel Mission.

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