midwife box and carry bag

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This box belongs to my midwife. It was given to her after the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, where she was helping deliver babies.

The box has a great smell of scented candle wax, and the wood has an authentic, hand-hewn look. When she asked me to do some artwork on it, I really didn’t want to cover up much of the original wood.

I decided on small vignettes, one for each of the countries where she has gone to serve as a midwife.

The elephant symbolizes Thailand, the mountains are for Guatemala, the hut is for Ghana, and the wave shows the tsunami in Indonesia.

On the bottom are the names of babies she has delivered since the box was given to her.

I also made her a batik appliqued carry bag for the box.

I made a drawstring closure and finished it with french seams for a smoother look and feel inside…

and sent it on its way–with wishes for many more happy deliveries.

5 Responses to “midwife box and carry bag”

  1. Hannah says on :

    Beautiful, Mia!

  2. NgoFamilyFarm says on :

    Wow, so very beautiful in every way.

  3. Leah says on :

    I love this, it’s so beautiful. I can’t remember, have you made one for your up-coming delivery?

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Actually, no-at least, not yet. We really haven’t decided how we’ll do the cord yet, although I think I’d like to try this method (if only to have a hand-painted box for the occasion!)

  5. Poco Mountain Girl » Blog Archive » box for a midwife says on :

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