winter’s here!

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First, Reddy Fox comes traipsing along to herald the arrival of our long-awaited snows:


DSC03256 copy

Notice he’s grinning from ear to ear!


DSC03255 copy

Then the loverly snow itself, glistening with the morning light.


DSC03279 copy

BRRRRRR! it’s cold out there! I nearly froze just taking pictures.


DSC03282 copy

The thermometer says 16(f), but with the wind chill, it’s got to be subzero.


 DSC03284 copy

 We celebrated the snow (indoors) with watercolor snowflakes… 


DSC03267 copy

DSC03270 copy

and a tattoo from the “treat store” (Whole Foods). Could anything be finer?


DSC03276 copy

Only waking up without your shirt. A perfect start to a perfect day.

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