he’s home

Posted on July 31st, 2011 by mountain girl  |  5 Comments »

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  1. Antie Patricia says on :

    I got to taste the cupcakes when me and mom flew Caleb back to his new home. They were delicious!!! Thank you for a wonderful time and welcoming and loving my best boy, mi cielo (my heaven)Caleb. I will miss him dearly but I’m so happy he is where he wants to be.

  2. jodi says on :

    !!!! yay!!! Welcome home!

  3. carlye says on :

    *snif* that is sooo sweet!

  4. 3 amigos says on :

    hi honeeeee………..the CUPCAKES LOOK GOOOOOOOOOOD! thanks for all the pix – i had to catch up……….like the guy in the cool car; lil bebee is so cute and wow! flowers look really neet thanks; luv u/mom glad k-bob is there; he is very lucky šŸ™‚ AND u guys will be blessed (trust us; we know) šŸ™‚

  5. mimi says on :

    So, how did Caleb and Zia like those cupcakes? The pics are beauties….

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