wild west cowboy church

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Our church is normally a pretty fun place. There is always dancing, flag-waving, shouting, and lots of laughter and smiles.

Today, though, was over the top. Instead of a regular service, we had a regular wild west cowboy shindig!

It began with live outdoor music and a barbecue, along with desserts, face painting, pony rides, an art display, and water baptisms in a horse trough.

(We met this afternoon instead of Sunday morning, since the road will be closed up on Lookout Mountain tomorrow.)

This cute cowgirl was waiting her turn at the  face painting booth. I couldn’t resist, so I picked up a brush and tackled that freckled face.

She wanted a horse, of course.

Love that kid. 🙂

You may notice our boy isn’t in these pics. His mom came to pick him up this morning and take him back to NM for 4 days to get some dental work done. We missed having him at the shindig, and I’m sure he missed the barbecue chicken and chocolate cake.

Although Zia cried when he left this morning, she sure had fun at church. She pranced right up on stage and made herself at home with the rest of the kids, worshipping in her own sweet way.

Usually everyone comes to our church fully clothed, but no one seems to mind a little variation of style now and then…

The kids always have a blast. They go at it with sticks, flags, and hoops with streamers. That boy with the six shooter won the prize for the best-dressed cowboy, by the way. I’m not sure which cowgirl won, but I know who my vote was for.

I checked out the art booths outside and found a handmade necklace and earring set. A very cute guy came over and bought it for me.

He also fixed my Photoshop crop tool straightaway after the henna head post, so I’m happy to say there are no armpit shots today. And those black spots on my neck aren’t moles, if you were thinking that. They’re just splatters from my face painting escapade.

That’s a little crystal moon hanging in the middle between the two opalescent stars. I thought the whole set was super sweet.

We had a great day at our wild west church and went home with happy hearts, stompin’ feet, and smiling faces.

Goodnight, Caleb…we miss you already!

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  1. jodi says on :

    That looks like so much fun!! I love the face painting. 🙂 She’s so sweet! That necklace is beautiful and what a sweet guy to get it for you (and fix that crop tool!) hehe! Looking through these photos makes me want to move out there and join in the fun!

  2. Poco Mountain Girl » Blog Archive » jewelry from winterpark says on :

    […] This is the aspen leaf set from Winterpark. I love the solidity of the pewter and I wear these all the time. I’m so attracted to nature-based jewelry, and I think the darker tone of these make them comfortable for wearing often. I don’t tend to wear bright jewelry much (although I do like a little sparkle here and there–remember the crystal moon and stars?) […]

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