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I have a new juicer!

It’s a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, straight from wonderful Walmart. I’ve named it Jack, of course. On second thought, Jack might be a girl, so I think I’ll call it Jackie.

I’m working through some spleen/pancreas/digestion issues right now, so Jackie seemed like a good investment. I juiced twice on Friday, and it was an incredible boost to my energy. It was also really tasty.

So far, the juicer seems to work good.  It’s not a top-of-the-line several-hundred-dollar masticating juicer, but I think this is perfect for what I need. The mouth is nice and wide, so I don’t need to cut my vegetables and fruits as small as other juicers I’ve had. It comes with a cleaning brush, a juice measuring cup, and a few other luxuries. There are a lot of pieces, but it’s easy to clean and assemble. The motor seems fairly strong, as long as I’m gentle and don’t push the food through too fast.The pulp isn’t terribly dry, but I’m not too concerned about wasting juice, since I can use the pulp in other recipes.

Does anybody else out there have a juicer? What is your favorite juice?

Come back on Monday for a raw juice recipe!

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