how to eat your front yard (and not get caught)

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It occurred to me that I haven’t posted any pictures of the front yard…since it turned green! Yay! So here it is.

First of all, I was really disappointed that of the 3 packages of shasta daisy seeds I planted, not one seed sprouted! Hmm…how hard can plain old daisies be to grow? Maybe I just don’t have the Thumb. So my 3 bricked beds are empty.

Secondly, this is a Top Secret post. Strictly Confidential. Don’t tell anyone about it…above all, pleeeease don’t tell the Homeowners Association…as I hear it’s now illegal to grow veggies in your front yard in Kansas City.


Thirdly, aside from the daisies, the front garden did great. And that’s where the danger comes in. (Remember, confidentiality is key here.) Early in the spring, I sowed 2 big beds of kale -as you can see- one on each side of the stone path, and sprinkled nasturtium seeds around the edges. I’ve made two “flower” salads already, using these edible delicacies. They really make a bright salad…maybe I’ll get pics of the next one. They have an interesting, peppery flavor. Actually, they taste exactly like papaya seeds! (Is that weird that I know the taste of a papaya seed?)

Kale is a favorite leafy green of mine. It makes a really tasty salad- I especially like it lightly steamed with sesame seeds, raw sesame oil, and Bragg’s amino acids. It’s also great in smoothies- and nearly unnoticeable- aside from its distinct green color! I’ve also heard you can make crispy kale chips, but I haven’t tried them…yet.

Now that I think about it, it was probably smart of those daisies not to poke their pretty little heads out of the ground. They might just have ended up in a salad.

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