And the winner is…

Posted on September 22nd, 2009 by mountain girl  |  4 Comments »

Well, we don’t exactly have a winner. After much deliberation, I finally concluded…I don’t know what color blue I want to paint my living room. In fact, I may not want blue at all. I may want a nice warm golden yellow (as if I needed more options). The thing with golden yellow (or buttercream or ochre or whatever you want to call it) is that you can then add lots of intense accents- purple, red, intense blues- which may be exactly what I want.

But I did have an interesting idea: since the room is a deep color now (red), and I was going to prime it before “blueing” it, why not “prime” the walls (and ceiling) with a golden yellow? Then, if I fall in love with it, do a second coat and voila! it’s done.

If I’m not sure, try a wall of blue over the yellow. If I love the blue, then keep going with blue…or I might like having one blue wall! If I end up painting the whole thing blue over yellow, at least I’ll have a warm sunny ceiling to lighten up the blue.

What think ye? I’m pretty happy with that. You see, my problem with choices is always that if I choose one thing, I’ll miss having something else. I remember when I was a kid, my grandparents would bring us 4 toys or dolls or pairs of socks or whatever, one for each girl. I was always told to choose mine first. It was horrible, because then I would look at theirs and think, It’s better, I should have chosen it. And more often than not, I would coerce one of them to trade with me. Strange, but to this day, I frequently return purchases and use the store credit for something…better.

So an undercoat of golden ochre-ish yellow followed tentatively with a blue would allow me to experience TWO wonderful colors on my walls instead of just one. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this (or on my psycho personality when it comes to choices.)


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  1. tracy martin says on :

    So there are primer coats in yellow? I like yellow better myself. I think it is a happier and brighter color. Agree totally with being able to make bold accents with furniture, art etc. It would look a little strange in a blue room with lets say…yellow accents. So my question is, if you have a yellow primer and paint with blue paint, will you get green?

    Ahh, the choices!

  2. Your Lion says on :

    WOW after reading this, I figure I shoulda invested in a paint company!!!


    Schmoochies HUGE!

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Trace,

    Hmm, not REALLY a primer, I was thinking of just using a regular golden yellow paint as a base coat to help hide the red AND get an idea of how that color would look before going to blue. And yes, the blue would have a green tint to it…but I think that might be interesting, don’t you? I thought of that after your comment about the blue-green room…I think you mentioned that, and said how calming it was. I thought it might be cool to show through green in some areas, and go more blue-purple in others…sort of a translucent look…

    So yeah, David, the paint co. WOULD have been a good idea…live & learn baby, live & learn!

  4. Tracy Martin says on :

    Actually, I think that will look good and give your room a textured look. You are one brave woman. I don’t like the idea of doing a paint job not sure that it will look good. Painting is such hard work!

    Please post pictures when you are done!

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