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A bit late in reporting on our weekend wanderings! We had an awesome 4th of July in Arkansas. Our friends Chase and Darci have a cabin on Lake Hamilton that used to be a little schoolhouse way back when. Along with Cindy, Crystal and Will, we all spent a weekend in the sun – mostly on a pontoon boat owned by Chase’s dad.

It was Zia’s first real water experience, and she loved it.





Here she is in murky lake waters with Cindy…





afloat with Dadda





…and in the boat with Will. I think she felt a little immobilized by the life jacket. When she wanted to see something, instead of turning her head she would simply roll her eyes in that direction. Pretty funny!





Hangin’ out with Crystal. She was stuck in this pose, hand lifted, for quite a while.





This is Darci’s baby, Jezreel. Jezzy has a great big WIDE smile! 





Turtles on the lake.





And of course, for Jez and Zia….lunchtime.

Happy Independence Day!



And now, birthday preparations are in full swing…someone is turning TWO tomorrow!!! Her Majesty’s requests? A dress made of polka dot scrap fabric (she thinks the dots are tiny coconuts). And the cake?  A “tiny, tiny purple one.”

Wish granted, Highness.

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  1. kit says on :

    Happy 2nd Zia, from mama,papa,kit,kirke

    Zia has the same birthday as Nikola Tesla!

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Cool! Maybe she’ll be a great inventor!

    Happy anniversary to Papa and Mimi!

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