blue-ful toes and a bag

Posted on August 14th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  5 Comments »


There’s nothing quite like painting a tiny set of virgin toenails for the very first time.

Zia said they look “Blue-ful”. It took me a minute to realize she meant beautiful, but it is a very fitting term. Blue is really such a nice color, especially this cornflower blue. I really need to paint a room this color- it makes me so happy to be around it. “Feeling blue”, to me is actually a very positive thing- how did it ever get such a negative rap? I should think that being “blue” should be a description of happiness of the highest order. 

And now, I haven’t forgotten the order of the day: a finished unfinished project!

Here it is: a bag for Liz, my hair stylist. Not that I really ever wear my hair in a style of any kind…but trimming those wild chaffy ends is a necessary evil. Anyway, she asked for a bag about 2 years ago (gulp) and just brought it up again last week while trimming the chaff. So I decided no more procrastination, just make the bag. And here it is.


 A very Lizzie print.


The interior.  

She actually likes to wear it inside out! That’s what I love about Liz.

5 Responses to “blue-ful toes and a bag”

  1. Gracie Jarvis says on :

    Mia! That color is wonderful! I agree with you on painting a room that blue! When you do…post pics! Love and peace!

  2. mountain girl says on :


    I’ll be sure to post pics of my lovely blue room (when it comes into being)!

  3. Michele Delconte says on :

    I love the bluetiful blue nails……I wish you could have been there for the Delconte picnic…..Zia would have had fun with the same sized kin (cute little girls like her)….. Mimi

  4. mountain girl says on :


    I think she would’ve had a ball with those little girls at the picnic, tho’ for their sake I’m glad she wasn’t…you know, she would’ve stolen the show. We wished you could see the toenails while we were painting them:) Very cute blue piggies.

  5. Kaaren Heller says on :

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