home is where the rain is

Posted on May 16th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  No Comments »

Back home again in Kansas City! Bit of a rough flight, as it was pouring, but we finally made it in with only a slight delay. Seems Kansas City has had rain all week…wait, make that all month! (Is it true we got 4.5″ in one hour yesterday? That’s a lot of rain!)

The bright side is…our garden looks spectacular!


Here’s a cool shot from the plane over the fields of New Mexico, where they don’t have rain, so they water with radial sprinklers:



I love the round fields…they look like pie charts.



Adios, New Mexico. See ya later, sunshine.

Bye, Grandma. We love you!

Bye, Pom-pom. We miss you already!



Come see us in the rain sometime!

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