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Posted on December 2nd, 2010 by mountain girl  |  5 Comments »

When you find yourself in a brand new land, away from everyone and everything familiar, it seems that everywhere you look are opportunities to make yourself a new life, your own special traditions, and the way to make a place your very own home.

You have to actually look for the ways, though. You can’t just pine for the old and familiar lights of home. 😉

Zia and I have been going for nighttime walks. I never realized going for a walk in the dark could be so great! Together we laugh and skip and jump over sidewalk cracks, and most of all, look at the pretty lights. It’s so fun, and it feels so wintery.

When I think of all the time and money and stress spent on this season, it makes me realize that the best times, the best memories, are the ones that are simple and fun throughout the whole process of making them. They’re the ones that come from us purposely finding delight in things that could easily be missed, overlooked, and ignored.

When I keep my eyes open for the wonder all around me, somehow I find it everywhere. It’s really satisfying to find pleasure in the tiny things…like my neighbors’ Christmas lights. It’s a really cheap pleasure, you know- something kind of like window shopping.

This is the view we saw tonight as we came skipping down our steps. The lights of Denver are in the distance.

I love blue lights. They remind me of something, though I’m not sure what it is. I think there were blue lights somewhere in my childhood. They always make me feel good.

White lights are nice, too.

This is one of Zia’s favorite decorated houses. The wreath has apples in it.

No creatures have eaten them yet…but I know one who would like to.

The lights of Denver, again. Like a sea of jewels, don’t you think? It’s really too bad they change so much when you get closer.

The lights on top are the lights of my home. That man in the window? He’d make anyplace home to me. (Well, almost anyplace.)

In the other window are flowers that came for me yesterday. Happy 6 years, baby!

5 Responses to “lights of home”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    Spying on me through the window eh? I was wondering who was shining a red light at me, heheh.
    Happy 72 Months! Truly the best times, adventures, ride of my life!

    I love my lil red haired girlies!

    Your Lion

  2. Susan says on :

    Eric has an inexplicable love for blue lights too. Maybe he has his own distant childhood experience with them.

  3. Allison says on :

    i really enjoyed reading that and going on the nighttime walk looking at the lights with you. i imagined you and zia jumping over the cracks. your “voice” sounded different in this post. more reminiscent maybe? or maybe it was expressing your newfound appreciation for nighttime walks and the lights. this line stood out to me, “When I keep my eyes open for the wonder all around me, somehow I find it everywhere. It’s really satisfying to find pleasure in the tiny things”

    once again, thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Tracy Martin says on :

    Hi Mia,

    I wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful posts. i really enjoy following you guys! I just faster internet so I can actually leave a comment now! Or at least it is not as painful!

    Give my love to David and Zia. I was also wondering what kind of camera do you use? Although, it most likely the photographer, your pictures are always so beautiful. I am looking for a new one.


  5. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Tracy! I have a Sony HS camera. It’s an older model, over 4 years old, but it works fine for what I need it for. Glad you have faster Internet now…I’m sure that’s a big help to connect with friends and family, now that you’re ‘way down under!

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