scouting out the land

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We recently found a sweet little plot of woodland in the mountains.  It’s almost 5 square acres, bordering several hundred acres of National Forest on two sides, and it’s only a few miles from where we live now.

Here’s a little secret: we are hoping to buy it and build a home.

We packed up the kids and went out to snowshoe it last weekend.  We have never seen it without snow, but blanketed in white it’s certainly beautiful.  The trees are large and spaced, and the terrain is mildly rolling, with some rock outcroppings here and there.

In 1908, the lot was a mining claim, Ptarmigan Lode #44.  How sweet would it be to own a gold mine? (Sweeter if we actually found gold, of course.)

Caleb brought his metal detector, just in case.

Who’s the biggest and baddest man in the family now?

And who’s the sweetest and cutest?  It’s still a toss-up.

The property already has a well, dug nearly 30 years ago.

That range of mountains lies to the east, across National Forest land.  According to Caleb’s watch, the lot has an elevation of about 9,000 ft.–a good 500 feet higher than where we live now.

This poor guy was having a hard time by the end of our 1 1/2 hour trek.  He had a pair of bum snowshoes which he finally ditched and used one as a cane.  He actually still has both of his legs, although it’s hard to tell here.  You can see that Cash had to hang on for dear life at this point.

Someday, this sweet land might just be ours.  We’ll keep you posted!

5 Responses to “scouting out the land”

  1. jodi inkenbrandt says on :

    Mia, that’s incredible!! That view, the history of the land…it’s perfect. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out

  2. mom & dad says on :

    dear honeeee……….What a BEAUTIFUL Kodak moment:) BEAUTIFUL FAMILY 🙂 THANKS SO MUCH!!! mom & dad

  3. Mimi says on :

    Love the layout of that land! Nice pics of all of you….It would be so homey to live there. Mimi

  4. Hannah says on :

    Oh I pray you get the desires of your heart! it looks beautiful!

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    […] this house, and the owners have put it on the market.  Although we had long term plans to buy some land and build, we’ve since decided it might be a better idea to buy a “used” house […]

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