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Today Zia and I went to the Wonderscope Children’s Museum, in Shawnee Mission, KS.

It’s a pretty cool place. There are several rooms, each with an activity focus, including: Science and Nature, Raceway (a crazy course for golf balls), an Art room, Small Wonders (for ages 2 and under), a Hospital, and a Lego room themed with oceans. There’s also an indoor “picnic” area complete with little picnic tables (Zia wanted to sit on top of one while we ate our lunch), a gift shop, and a recycled materials center where you can get donated craft supplies very cheaply. 

We spent most of our time crawling around Small Wonders, and Zia also liked “planting trees” in the Science and Nature area and rolling balls in the Raceway. She loves interacting with small kids who can walk -their speed fascinates her- and she always tries to strike up a friendship, though most 2 and 3 yr. olds aren’t too interested in talking to a baby. She had fun, though she kind of collapsed in sobs a few times (a little cold has her feeling miserable)  and we also had to pull over on the way home due to her incessant “Nur! NUR!” and use a McDonald’s parking lot to “nur” in. We eventually made it home, however, and now she’s getting some much needed sleep.

science and nature room

science and nature room

Sorry for the not-so-great photo. Still trying to figure out the best way to take pictures indoors.

I forgot to say that we were interviewed by a reporter from the Shawnee Dispatch while we were there. Of all things, she wanted to know if I’ve done much recycling lately! Haha! Can you think of a better candidate than me for that question? So I said ‘Nah, I don’t really do that recycling thing, better find someone else’. Just kidding. I told her my famous Eg Begley story and its dramatic consequences in my life.

This morning I took some sprouted sunflower seeds and blended them into a nice thick sunflower cream. I put it in the yogurt maker and let it ferment for about 9 hours, till it turned into sunflower yogurt. Then I mixed some of it with chopped garlic cloves, cayenne pepper and spices, and it turned into an awesome hummus sort of thing. I had it for dinner with carrot sticks. I offered some to David, but for some reason he wasn’t tempted by garlic sunflower yogurt hummus. I’m not sure why; it was delish. It also looks exactly like chocolate cake because it darkens when the air hits it. Even Zia said “Mmmmm!” when she saw this picture!

sunflower seed yogurt

sunflower seed yogurt

While out walking this evening, I was hailed by a stranger as “The Walking Queen”. Hm. Well, if she reads the paper tomorrow, she may find out that I’m also the recycling queen.

It was simply a day of fame, honor, and glory.

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