the smell of fall is in the air

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a beautiful tree

I’ve decided that even more than I love fall, I love the changing of the seasons, and all that comes with them. There’s a freshness, yet a familiarity, in each season. In the fall, it’s the way the world is filled with red and yellow and gold, and the way the briskness of the air contrasts so sharply with the coziness and warmth of a well-lit house filled with good smells.

Today my house smells like cinnamon and nutmeg and ginger and everything else that goes with freshly baked pumpkin pies. I made two of them: the sweetly traditional Eagle-Brand “world’s best pumpkin pie ” that my mama always made, and then, of course, a wildly experimental one of my own. The first was for David, and I completed it by whipping up a batch of sweet cream to top it (in my Vita-Mix, of course). The second is for me and Zia, (who always happily obliges to try my creations).  Chunks of fresh pumpkin, ginger root, spices, silken tofu, and a spoonful of stevia made up the batter, and it was delish! Zia and I fought over licking the Vita-Mix clean, and I was tempted to just eat it without baking it! But I popped it in the oven, and the tantalizing smell has filled the house. I’m afraid that I’m really starting to like tofu – it’s the second tofu dish I’ve made since yesterday. But I really think tofu is evil, especially after I did some research on just how healthy (or rather, unhealthy!) soy products really are. But I was craving something meaty and flavorful, so I got a package of firm tofu, and one of silken.  I marinated and baked the firm one and had it with brown rice. I have to say, it was incredibly tasty. I hope I don’t get hooked.

As for the changing of the seasons: it seems winter has crept up awfully fast. Brrrrr! Did I really say I love the changing of seasons? Today I got whipped around by the freezing wind on my walk, and I was glad to walk only 30 minutes instead of my usual trek of about an hour! I didn’t even take Zia with me; the poor thing froze yesterday when we were out.

I noticed another changing season this weekend: Garage Sale Season. I believe it has come to a chilly end. My best find of the G.S. Season was probably the $5 red jogging stroller that we’ve walked with all summer. A close runner-up was the almost-new giant compost tumbler, also $5. I’ve filled it several times and harvested just as many crops of rich, steamy compost (for my imaginary garden, of course).

But my prize aquisition of the Season’s last faltering weekends would have to be a sweet little wooden rocking chair. The lady was asking $10, but by my skillful haggling I got her down to $8. The rocker sits in the kitchen now, right by the oven, where Zia and I have lately cozied up to nurse in the chilly mornings.

my sweet little rocker

my sweet little rocker

a set of Madeline books

a lovely set of 4 Madeline books

The same place I got the rocker I also found another treasure: a boxed set of Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline books. As someone who is nuts about picture books, I was thrilled. The books are in great shape, and I’m just waiting for the perfect time to reveal them to Zia.

and a little box to keep them in

and a little box to keep them in


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