tour de cucina

Posted on January 5th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  6 Comments »


I thought you might like a little tour of my kitchen today.





Hmmmm….what’s this?






The brand-new kitchen mat

  still wavy from being rolled up!





A freshly scrubbed and spruced corner.

  But really, you’d have to have seen it before to appreciate it.

(And to believe it.)





 My new compost bucket, recycled from a Tropical Traditions bucket of shredded coconut.

 It’s definitely more aesthetically pleasing than 7 recycled Stonyfield yogurt containers spread across the counter!






Here’s a survival mechanism for navigating the sometimes rocky terrain of motherhood: I’ve found it’s a huge help to have ready-to-eat single portions that I can grab when I need to eat. Sometimes it’s hard to make something fresh, raw, and healthy when someone tiny is hungry too. 

Left to right: raw veggie-avocado soup, raw fermented beet-coconut-flax breakfast “porridge”, and raw cultured kefir-banana-nutmeg smoothies. They’re delish. Zia loves all of them, too. David…well, that’s another matter…

6 Responses to “tour de cucina”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    WOW the kitchen looks great! Yeah all those porridges and what-not, I’ll pass, thank you VERY MUCH!!! Heheh

  2. Nicola says on :

    I like the “Corner” in your kitchen…WOW ! This is a big difference..I believe it b/c i have seen it before picture.

    Your compost bucket is great…I like it a lot better than the ones you had. LOL

  3. Jenn Greutman says on :

    Mia! hey where do you get your kefir? i have heard of this but haven’t found it. Do you think Earthfare would have it?? Or do I have to go to a special Asian market? and you’ll have to email me some good raw recipes! we’re starting to go in that direction, little by little 🙂

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Jenn! Kefir- yes Earthfare would have it, bottled in the yogurt section. I make mine, since it’s so much better for you with unpastuerized, raw milk. You’d need a kefir culture to make it. Earthfare might have the freeze-dried kind of culture by the yogurt cultures. Happy raw fooding….it’s so fun! There are a lot of great raw recipes online too!

  5. cindy says on :

    wheres the raw cheeto. twinkie, whip cream delight????????! G-ma Cindy

  6. mountain girl says on :

    You are TOO much, Grandma Cindy!!!!!! I’ll have to start making all that when David starts eating raw!

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