smoothie day at whole foods

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Zia and I went to a Healthy Breakfast class at Whole Foods in Boulder. It was geared toward moms, and was great becauset it was so kid-friendly.

The class really was a blast. It was totally hands-on for the kids. Whitney was a great teacher, and started out by reading “If You Give a Pig a Pancake”. Then she talked about some basic healthy breakfast ideas (as well as breakfast pitfalls, such as pancakes, ironically).

After that came the best part–making a smoothie–which was accomplished mostly by Zia and a 2-year old girl.

Whitney gave the 2-year old a small, flat, and very full container of orange juice to pour in. It was a disaster, and it all ended up on the floor (and the kid). Whitney was totally cool and mopped up the spill.

She only had a food processor on hand, so the smoothie was made in 3 or 4 batches. The machine leaked and spewed smoothie everywhere. The kids loved it.

Zia gets really ticked at things like green bananas and hard avocados. She gets that from her mamma. It all worked out, though…

except that she also hates lumpy smoothies–and anything yellowish-green. She took one taste and politely offered the rest to me.

But the process was so worth it. If someone is giving their time to teach my kid and is nice to her, letting her pour and stir to her heart’s content, that’s what she’ll remember, not the lumpy green smoothie.

After that, we headed to the Rock Park to hang out with some unschoolers, and run off the accumulated smoothie-making energy.

My girl would have been there all day, hanging with her peeps, if I hadn’t dragged her (and my tired self) back to our home sweet home.

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