a home in the hills

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We went looking at houses again this weekend.  No promises, but we might have just maybe found our house.

It’s a couple of hours from us, on seven acres on the south side of a mountain.  It’s a nice, basic house–and it seems like just what we need.

Although it was an overcast day yesterday, the house is full of light and warmth.  It’s clean, bright, and just feels really good inside.

This amazing little sunroom is right off the kitchen.  It’s so warm!

The downstairs is a walk-out basement with big windows, 3 small bedrooms, and a big, open room to run around like a wild banshee.

This is a 4-car garage/workshop with a little door connecting to the doghouse/kennel area. Knowing us, we’d be more likely to use it for chickens or a couple of goats.

Here is the view of the driveway out front.  Those three adorable folks are looking at the front of the house.

The backyard, from the house.  There is a nice flat(ish) meadow and quite a bit of hilly forest to the right and left.

The trees seem very healthy, and untouched by the pine beetle that is so rampant here in Colorado.

There is a TON of deer and elk scat in the meadow

and they’ve really been going to town on this salt lick.

Here’s a pretty little cactus that Zia found.  Watch your step–owwwowwoww!

That girl loves this house and has big plans for every nook and cranny–indoors and out.  We were hoping Caleb could see it too, but he spent the weekend with his mom for an early Mothers Day/13th birthday party.

As for Cash, he was just happy to be along for the ride.

The land is bordered on 3 sides by a horseshoe-shaped dirt road that curves around it.  This is the view from the road on the south side.

There are lots of maybes, but we’ve begun the application process with the money people.  Once our lease here is fulfilled, we just might have a home in the hills…a home of our very own.

8 Responses to “a home in the hills”

  1. jodi inkenbrandt says on :

    That place looks so amazing/perfect!! What beautiful views and that sun room…? SO cool!

  2. Aunti Rae says on :

    Looks cozy!!

  3. Lisa Coffee says on :

    Super-exciting! Fingers crossed for you.

  4. Mimi says on :

    This is nice ! You can easily put your own signature on this place…like you said ,really nice and fresh and basic! Looks like plenty of room for the kids and nice surroundings,too!

  5. Brandi says on :

    What’s the closest town? Larkspur? The cactus and “couple hours from us” makes me think you’re looking closer to where we are in the Springs. The house looks great! Love the big kitchen!

  6. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Brandi!
    It’s Bailey, actually. Closer to the Springs, but still almost 2 hours away.

  7. Melissa says on :

    OH! Fingers crossed!!!

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