snow, doughnuts, and a home of our own

Posted on April 9th, 2013 by mountain girl  |  6 Comments »

Well, the snow is here–but so are the doughnuts.

We found this cute little donut maker half-price at Target this weekend.  It was just in time to warm up the kitchen…and procure some very big smiles.

Cash had his own plans for those doughnuts, but he ended up with a spoonful of mashed banana instead, poor kid.  Actually, he was very happy with the banana.  He has just begun feeding himself, and it’s really something to see those little fists joyfully squish and cram banana into every fiber of hair, face, clothes, chair, and floor.

And yup, that’s a For Sale sign at the top of our lot.  We’re renting this house, and the owners have put it on the market.  Although we had long term plans to buy some land and build, we’ve since decided it might be a better idea to buy a “used” house instead.  It’s a buyer’s market right now, but it’s not at all a builder’s market.

On top of that, Boulder County (where we wanted to build) has some hefty building regulations, including a mandatory indoor sprinkler system which would add about $20,000 to the already overpriced cost of building a house.  And really, how much would an indoor sprinkler actually help against a forest fire?

Not much, in case you’re wondering.

So by the time we need to move on, we will hopefully have found a sweet house on a few acres. We want a garden and chickens, and I would really like a little goat or two.  And of course a bit of space for the kids to run and play in the grass.  Ah, summer.  There I go dreaming again.

Until then, we’ll shovel snow and keep cozy here–and I’ll work on making a doughnut recipe that may–or may not–actually be healthy.

6 Responses to “snow, doughnuts, and a home of our own”

  1. jodi inkenbrandt says on :

    I’ll be praying you find exactly what you need in a home. That does kind of stink that you won’t be building your own as soon as you’d hoped, but I am sure you’ll find the perfect place in the meantime.

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks Jodi. You rock!

  3. Melissa says on :

    Yum….doughnuts. Good luck on the house hunt!

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Melissa!

  5. kaaren says on :

    In Jesus name you have your home!Mom makes home made donuts.Yum yum!

  6. mountain girl says on :

    Hi Kaaren! Your mom makes her donuts the real way, I’ll bet…not with a donut cooker! But they’re yummy both ways.

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