these cold, snowy days

Posted on February 17th, 2013 by mountain girl  |  6 Comments »

February is short for a reason–I’m sure of it.  Days of below-zero along with a little bout of the sniffles kept us indoors most of this week.  We’re all feeling better now, and I’m oh-so ready to get out and walk, run, snowshoe, climb a tree, plant a garden, you name it.  And drag these kids along with me, because heaven knows they need some fresh air too.

Even so, it’s hard to believe February is more than half over.  The day before Valentine’s Day, nine years ago, is when I met David.  And as Zia tells the story, then we got married (pointing to wedding pictures) and now here we are…with kids.  Just like that.

And without further ado, enough of the (beautiful and very romantic) past–here’s a glimpse into modern day happenings around here

…we’ve got snow!

and silliness


laughter {and dancing}

some of us actually have to work, of course

we made shepherd’s pot pie

and candy-filled valentines for dance-y friends

we’re busy snuggling with the Chubmeister

and thankful for every bit of moisture this dry, dry winter.

So what are you up to these days?

6 Responses to “these cold, snowy days”

  1. Hannah says on :

    beautful, cozy glimpses of your life!

  2. Melissa says on :

    Beautiful snow! We had snow Saturday, but it didn’t stick. Stay warm!

  3. jodi ink says on :

    Looks so cozy and that snow is beautiful! We have Josh home all to ourselves this week for a little staycation, so our plans are to stick close to home and enjoy us all being together for 7 glorious days!

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Sounds like you’ll have a great week. Bet there’s no snow in your neck o’ the woods!

  5. Lisa Coffee says on :

    february is one of my favorite months, because like you said, it’s short and it’s the transition month to spring!

  6. GRANNY says on :


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