a rock-solid heart

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David bought the heart from a man in NY. I loved it, and I still think I have never seen a more beautiful stone.

Even back then he knew how picky I was, so he told me to come up with a band design to go with the rock. (Hmm…would that be a rock band? Wheeeeeee. Corny alert.)

I filled a few pages of my sketchbook and we visited tons of jewelers – but nothing seemed right. I think he must have been getting a little anxious, although he never showed it.

Finally one day in Santa Fe, we sauntered into a shop…and this band met our eyes. It was perfect. We took it outside to look at it in the sunlight, then fairly danced back inside to tell them we had decided to take it, and to have them set the diamond.

We left the shop and skipped down the sidewalk hand in hand, oblivious to everything around us.  But we were jolted out of our dream world by a cheer erupting behind us.

Cautiously, we turned to look…and there was a crowd of onlookers watching, clapping and cheering as we skipped along!

I think it must have been obvious to them what had just happened – especially since our faces were shooting light rays across the state of New Mexico.

The ring was soon finished, and on October 19 I was officially asked (on bended knee) to marry David Lucero. The ring was right and the man was so right…how could I refuse?

And so this ring was slipped on my finger – a heart from New York, a band from New Mexico – studded with rubies and diamonds – my birthstone and his. Yup, this ring rocks.

It went on my finger 7 years ago today, and so much has happened since then. We were married just over a month later, moved to North Carolina the next year, traveled to Europe for two weeks, moved back to Kansas City, our little Zia was born, and a few years later we moved to Colorado.

Now we have a home in the mountains with our red-haired girl and our black-haired boy, and the promise of the ring still stands.

The strength of that promise is more evident to me now than ever, and as the years go by I am thankful not so much for a beautiful ring or a perfect wedding day, but for the flesh-and-blood man who stands beside me.

With strong hands and a sweet heart, he gives his life to me every day, putting me first, making his promise – like his heart – rock-solid.

6 Responses to “a rock-solid heart”

  1. Lauren Blake says on :

    love the ring and love hearing your story

  2. Allison says on :

    It is a really pretty ring. I love hearing (real-life) fairy tales!

  3. jodi says on :

    So, so sweet. I never knew your story…I love it!

  4. Your Lion says on :

    and I love, love, LOVE my little red-haired girl!!!

    /:O* schmoochies from your Lion (and tiger)

  5. Colleen Wickersheim says on :

    You story is so sweet! What a unique ring and such a cool heart shaped diamond!!! May God bless you guys with MANY more wonderful years together!!! <3

  6. barefootmama says on :

    I LOVE THIS POST!! So Romantic:) I really like your ring because if someone asked me 20 yrs from now ” Can you tell me what The beautiful Red haired, Mountain Woman’s wedding ring looks like?” If I never got to see it agian,I would remember….I LOVE THAT! Beautiful!

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