our new baby

Posted on February 11th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

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Lovely, isn’t she? The newest member of the family. We didn’t really plan on a new addition, but we got a rocking deal on this sweet little ’09 Mini Cooper S convertible. Besides, we did need to start thinking about a family car, now that Zia’s getting bigger. LOL. 

The color is Interchange Yellow; a lemony-lime chartreusey shade. The heated seats are definitely spoiled-rotten-driver material, and she drives like a dream. I caught myself creeping past 80 on the freeway…yikes, I don’t need a speeding ticket, thanks very much!

Best of all, she’s mine…or at least that’s what the Conquistador says. Of course, that doesn’t mean I pay any of the expenses. That’s just the kind of guy I married. It comes with the territory, that’s all. 

Thanks, Babe. Pay you later.

Anyway…who could turn down a face like this?

DSC03792 copy copy

3 Responses to “our new baby”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    HAHAA you are too funny! I love you in your sweet new ride!

    Schmoochies HUGE!

  2. marilyn says on :

    ohhh Mia Congrats!!! Totally ..ENVYYYY!!… …. enjoy it beautiful girl!

  3. Kaaren Heller says on :

    Sweet little gas burner!God bless our rides!

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