bye, baby curls

Posted on August 25th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  4 Comments »

So that’s it, from final long-haired moments in front of the mirror, through Lizzie’s snipping and clipping, all the way to the finished results. The girl loved every bit of the adventure, and she seems delighted with her new style.

And me? I knew you’d ask. I love her in her sweet little bouncy bob…but secretly, I really miss those pigtail braids. I miss doing our hair just alike, then skipping down sidewalks and through parking lots, a matching set of Big and Little.

But I know it won’t be long till those short curls are hitting her shoulders again, ready for brand-new braids!

Till then, we’ll just keep skipping.

4 Responses to “bye, baby curls”

  1. mimi says on :

    Well, we couldn’t wait to see….. she looks very cute and we’re not surprised about that! The boys got a kick out of the pics too. I think it’s a nice fresh start. love, Mimi

  2. Allison says on :

    Adorable! The bob is very cute. I am understanding more and more why my parents didn’t cut my hair for so long. I have major curls when I was little. Her hair, fortunately, seems to be keeping its curl. What an adventure… 🙂

  3. marilyn says on :

    Mia!!! Diego was asking for Zia all day!!.. love the new do on Zia’s hair! ..los extrañaremos mucho!!! ..les amamos! amor y gracia, marilyn

  4. Allison says on :

    I have been meaning to talk to you. On Sunday when we were briefly by each other I didn’t think about the fact that I have a question to ask you. Are you a vegetarian, or do you just eat healthy and natural? Maybe we can chat Sunday. Will you be at there Sunday night?

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