father’s day and a nature hike

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Our Father’s Day was sweet and simple. We usually don’t do much for special days, but try to live each day as if it were special – which it is. Father’s Day was no different, although our very special Dadda did get a few tokens of affection: a card, a hand-stamped keychain, a lemon meringue pie. We were mostly grateful to be together. This is David’s first Father’s Day with both of his kids, and I think that made it more special than anything else could have.

We went up to Lookout Mountain on Saturday to go hiking.

Zia’s favorite part is always gathering bits of nature. She filled my bag with “wood for the campfire”.

This snakeskin freaked her out a little. She found it while climbing a big rock by herself.

This mama deer had a fawn but hid it just before we got to her. Too bad…it would have been sweet to see the baby!

Nature trails are the best places to be just a little silly.

Happy Father’s Day, Dadda!

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