party girl

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 DSC02544 copy 

My girl is off to a birthday party!

 DSC02559 copy

Tyler is turning one. He lives just down the street, so we can walk to his house.

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Somebody has a new COW skirt. And new black skinny pants- she’s right in style. And a new red shirt, but that was rejected in favor of her favorite black (STORE-bought, I’m ashamed to say) kitty shirt. No worries- the clothing spats have only JUST BEGUN, I’m sure. Anyway, she LOVED the cow skirt. I could scarcely get her to take it off for the next 3 days.

DSC02555 copy

I sewed like crazy until it was time to leave for the party. All 3 pieces were done in the nick of time, fudged without patterns and using whatever I could find in the scrap box. I think I like to sew that way, flying by the seat of my pants. It works (usually!) I also made the little white cardigan earlier this spring…and it still fits!

DSC02566 copy

 It was the first birthday party Zia was really excited about and involved in as a little guest. She talked about and anticipated the whole thing for days ahead of time: presents, toys, cake and ice cream, kids, and of course, the dog!

DSC02572 copy 

 The birthday boy and his friends.

DSC02570 copy

Time for fun and games!

DSC02590 copy

Pin the tail on the donkey. Zia was the tiniest player. She was too short to reach the donkey!

DSC02595 copy

But her tail (#5) took the cake!

DSC02596 copy

Literally. That’s her above  in the middle, with her prize…a big blow-up cake.

DSC02604 copy

Then came the real cake! Zia took a tiny bite and then realized her bubbles were more interesting…guess FD&C yellow #5 isn’t that great when you’re not addicted to it.

DSC02606 copy

Cake, ice cream, and SOMEONE’S abandoned plate!

DSC02614 copy


DSC02615 copy

Somehow presents seem like more fun when they’re for YOU, not someone else.

DSC02637 copy

After the party, we said our goodbyes and walked back home to where Dadda was raking leaves.

DSC02643 copy

Someone is a wee bit sleeeeeepy…notice the candle up the nose? It works almost as good as Mr. Lion’s tail…zzzzzzz…

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  1. Your Lion says on :


    Schmoochies from your Lion!

  2. mimi says on :

    Well ! Papa, Mimi, Unca Kit and Unca Kirkie loved viewing the party pics! I have to say in some of the shots it darn well coulda been a little girl named Mia from a long time ago! Mama

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Well, maybe a VERY long time ago! 🙂

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