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(To the lady working at the thrift store) “This shirt might not fit me, but I’ll try it on for good measure.”

(Drawing with a marker) “I don’t want to use this. I need something more scientific.”

Zia: “Were dragons and castles real?”

Me: “Castles are real, but I don’t think dragons were ever real.”

Zia: “Not even in the 1950’s?”

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  1. Hannah says on :

    love! BTW I have done a little research (in my homeschooling days) that said… dragon stories could have been from a few small “left over dinos”. That would be cool if true.. but probably NOT waaaay back in the 1950s lol

  2. jodi says on :

    Ohhh seriously, that cute little red head is too much! I love her. “I’ll try it on for good measure” haha! She’s awesome.

  3. Melissa says on :

    Love these! Such a smart young lady you have there! Please let Zia know that dragons did exist….they were called dinosaurs…just saying 😉

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Yup, the dino theory could be true…she loves those, too!

  5. mom and dad says on :

    dear lil Zia: YESSSSSSSS, in the 1950’s dragons were VERY real 🙂 luv u lots/ you are soooooo beautiful/luv your hair 🙂 Grandma 😉

  6. mountain girl says on :

    Well, you would know, Grandma–so we’ll take your word for it! At least Puff the Magic Dragon was real, right? (Though I think he was around more like in the ’60’s.)

  7. Lisa Coffee says on :

    Funny! My Z has been saying “actually” a lot, which is cracking me up.

  8. Lisa Coffee says on :

    Hey, I just saw my blog over there -> on your sidebar. Thanks sister! I’m over here daily too but, you know, the whole one handed nursing/typing thing, I don’t always get the chance to say hi. 🙂

  9. mountain girl says on :

    Oh, yeah…I get the one-handed thing. That’s how I live too, these days.

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