blanket for a mountain baby

Posted on February 26th, 2012 by mountain girl  |  6 Comments »

Zia and I sewed this up a month or so ago. It’s a cozy  little batiked baby blanket in hues any good hippie would die for. (Tie-dye for, at least.) Being in the mountains, we’re surrounded by hippies, so I want my baby to have a fighting chance. And nothing gives you a leg up like dragging a tie-dyed, batiked blanket in to story time at the local library.

I bought the fabric not knowing what I would use it for, but I liked how wild it looked. It reminds me of those beautiful creatures in the book of Revelation, all covered with eyes.

When I decided to make a blanket out of it, I pawed through my scrap box and found an old, but never used, piece of fabric to back it–a soft brushed cotton in a batik of blues studded with tiny lavender stars. I sewed them together along with an old scrap of polar fleece for batting.

After turning it and sewing up the opening, I decided to try some hand stitching to keep the layers in place. Zia picked out the thread colors, and over the next three or four days I stitched around each batiked “eye”.

I loved doing the hand stitching. It was simple, imperfect, and in a way, meditative. I’m just hoping the embroidery floss will hold up. I’ve never used it for sewing, so I’m hoping it won’t shrink or run when I wash it.

But then, I think this blanket was just enough fun to take that risk.

6 Responses to “blanket for a mountain baby”

  1. jodi says on :

    that is such a beautiful blanket. I laughed when I read that your baby will hopefully having a fighting chance amongst the mountain hippies. 🙂 I think this blanket is perfect!

  2. Jennifer says on :

    That is the perfect blanket for a baby born in Hippie Central! Congratulations on the upcoming new one!

  3. Carlye says on :

    Mmmm. Love this. I so enjoy hand stitching, as I find that my mind gets to wander a bit and the imperfections make it pretty. Right up my alley!
    I pray the baby loves it and drags it everywhere.

  4. Allison says on :

    Yet another fun project. You, darling Mountain Girl, inspire me.

  5. Mom, Dad & Makayla says on :

    hi honeee…………….Lil Zia is very BEAUTIFUL and getting soooooo big………..and the blanket is very very beautiful, too. luv u/mom

  6. NgoFamilyFarm says on :

    You gals did a beautiful job – love it!

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