japanese-y fabrications

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This fabric is completely unlike anything I’ve ever bought before. But at Hobby Lobby the other day, I kept circling back to it. There was something fresh and different about it that attracted me, and finally, jumping way out on a limb, I bought 2 yards of it.

Something about the overlay of the squares on the characters reminds me of a newspaper – and I like that very much.

My trusty Brother sewing machine set to work immediately, and soon pumped out 2 new…


I may have a slight addiction. But really, can you ever have too many big, plumpy pillows? I think not.

Besides, they are actually old pillows, simply re-covered. I made the old pillow covers a few years ago, and they are too ratty for even a”before” picture. They are now in the dumpster.

I also got some coordinating fabric for the pillow backs. I like it almost as much as the front fabric.

I can’t promise that this is the end of my pillow-making rampage. But it’s certainly a good beginning.

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