a wild, green christmas

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We’ve headed south to spend some time with David’s family in New Mexico. Coming from Colorado, the drive is so nice and short. For once, we didn’t arrive at 5am sporting baggy black circles under our eyes! We got here early afternoon, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Very nice, indeed.

We brought along a few handmade gifts:

a scarf and mittens for Cousin Makayla

a wool hat for Grandpa

…and a little mermaid for Makayla. (Grandma got something too, but no pics, yet. Stay tuned.)

Along the way, we spotted a few pronghorn herds. Until now, I’ve never seen pronghorn in real life, or at least not in the wild.

They’re impressive-looking, with their dashing brown-and-white coats and black points. They were very dignified and didn’t seem at all to mind us gawking at them.

Northern New Mexico is beautiful, and we had a really pretty drive through the wilderness. It’s a total mixture of fields and forests, mountains and plains. I’ve never traveled through this area in winter, but being out in the beauty of the wilderness was a really sweet way to enjoy the season.

A green Christmas, to be sure…

But a white one somewhere.

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