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The wind has really been whipping through the mountains here. It howls and beats against our house at night, and during the day it is often impossible to go out for a walk. Then it lets up and it’s so quiet.

I can hardly wait for spring. Although January has been incredibly mild, I’m ready to soak in some warm sun. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much of a winter indoors. Usually I’m out for a while every day no matter how brutal the weather, but this winter I just don’t have that usual hardy beat-the-cold gleam in my eye.

I do get out for a short walk once or twice a day, but mostly I’m brewing tea, stewing broths, reading to Zia for hours on end, knitting like a fiend, and soaking in a hot tub every night before bed.

I guess there is a season and a time for everything…but I think I’m having such a good dose of cozy inside days that I’ll be ready for a whole long string of free-spirited, sun-kissed, freckle-sprouting, toes-in-the-dirt, whipped-by-the-wind days.

Oh…but warm wind, of course.

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  1. Brandi Henderson says on :

    That is one thing I did NOT like about the Indian Peaks; they were so often so windy! We tried to go snowshoeing once when it was so windy, my winter-loving lab was scratching the car to get back in. THAT’s windy! That area is still one of my favorite hiking/snowshoeing areas in Colorado though. It’s been windy down here too but fortunately not as cold as it’s probably been up there. Stay warm!

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks Brandi! We haven’t scaled those peaks yet…we’ll wait for the wind to turn warm!

  3. NgoFamilyFarm says on :

    Warm wind is much more tolerable than biting cold wind, for sure! I love your description of Spring šŸ™‚

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