friday {this moment}

Posted on February 10th, 2012 by mountain girl  |  9 Comments »

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.”

-Lucille Ball

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  1. Your Lion says on :

    I take my entitlement and RUN with it! Madly in love with my little red haired girl! Love you HUGE!

    Your Lion,

  2. mountain girl says on :

    šŸ™‚ Thought you’d like that.

  3. kait says on :

    wow. the cuteness is oozing… the picture, the quote..

    where do you find these quotes? i always enjoy them.

  4. NgoFamilyFarm says on :

    Beautiful, Mia! Is that a woodpecker on the tree? I haven’t seen one for ages. Looks like she’s sporting a bit of red, too šŸ˜‰

  5. mountain girl says on :

    Yes, I think it’s a Downy Woodpecker. Downies are the only woodpeckers with white backs, and the red patch shows it’s a male. (Even though it’s a male, he’s still a gorgeous redhead, don’t you agree?) We were so excited to see him out our kitchen window that I had to grab my camera!

  6. mountain girl says on :

    I think this quote came from Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Allison says on :

    I’m currently a redhead. I hope not too many men fall madly in love with me… šŸ˜‰

  8. mountain girl says on :

    Haha…just know that you’re in the danger zone!

  9. Allison says on :

    šŸ™‚ noted

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