visiting the tree people

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We just spent 9 days in upstate NY visiting my papa, mama, and 10 brothers and sisters…and had an absolute blast!

The big black house sits on a mountain, surrounded by 15 acres of woods with a creek and a pond.  When I was a teenager growing up there, the small-town neighbors affectionately referred to us as “the tree people.” Surrounding the woods are cows, fields, more woods, more fields, and more cows. It’s still like that.

So in this idyllic setting, David and I kicked back and relaxed while Zia got to be queen every day, all day- kissed, crowned, chauffered, shouldered, bejeweled and bestowed with gifts.

She was also sneaked some sugary treats such as her first marshmallow (gasp) when Mamma’s back was turned!



Besides the normal household activities such as parakeets flying through the house, bonfires, basketball, fireworks, hacky-sack, fiddling, wheelbarrow rides, spaghetti, movies, and secret expeditions to the attic, we also hit the humungous Carousel Center mall a couple of times, visited Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa, and hung out at Aunt Rae’s house, where Zia fell in love with Honey, Rae’s tiny Pomeranian.



Papa and Mimi were delighted to once again hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet through the house (all the tiny feet there have gotten quite large now). They treated her just like a baby…and she loved it.

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