christmas at grandma cindy’s

Grandma Cindy invited me to her house


 and gave me a ton of boxes


all wrapped up in the prettiest paper


and told me to open them (can you give me a hand, Grandma Cindy? This one’s tough.)


Hmmm, a lot of little pillows in little pockets.


 This is kinda cool.




And what did Grandma Lucero send me? A beautiful nesting doll! Yay!!!








Open, close. Open, close. Open close.






Open, open, open, open….wow look at all these dollies!

Close, close, close, close. All done.


Celebrating and happy. Yay!!!

Funny how you can do things right in front of the grown-ups, and they never even notice….like stick Grandma Cindy’s Bavarian bear ornament in a GLASS OF WATER. They just keep snapping pictures and saying how cute I am. Yay!!!!